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mucus problems

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Hello everyone

I am a daughter of a survivor who is seeking help on behalf of her dad. My Father was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer in May 2012. He is a 64 year male and has already had a full thyroidectomy (July 2012) all lymph nodes removed, very small part of his esophagus removed, radioactive iodine (Aug 2012) & his full body scan clearing him of his cancer (for now). He is also experiencing the same symptoms as some of you are. We understand that hes body need time to recovery, but after reading many posting I have not seen mucus/phlegm issues occurring post op. Since his surgery...even tonight he's complaining about this "phlegm" he is coughing up or the constantly clearing of his throat. At night he takes 1 Percocet not for pain, but to dry him up so he can sleep without waking up from the mucus/phlegm he chocking on. A suggestion was Mucinex by a (swallow study) doctor, but a side effect is an upset stomach and could cause long term effect. My dad has sought help from his Otorhinolaryngology who sent him to 2 swallow studies and both time came back with "nothing is wrong" or "it should go away soon give it time".

Any thoughts?


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Hi... I too had tremendous problems with mucus in my throat for quite a while after my thyrodectomy. Unfortunately it lasted for several months, and I still get some in my throat now and then (two years later).

I actually found that being very well hydrated helped...its when I get dehydrated that the mucus seems to come back.So I drink a lot of water! As well I sleep with my head slightly elevated. It all helps

I cant make any other suggestions,its may be something that just takes time for the body to adjust to...

take care

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The mucus is a problem, post-op, but does clear up eventually. Like many things, the more you think about it, the worse it seems - then, one day, it has gone, and you did not notice it going!

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