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rectal cancer surgery

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i had anal cancer, all is clear now. Now they are saying surgery to remove the scar tissue and that i will end up with colostomy bag. Don't know what to think or do.

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Sorry that u r going thru this. Remember the value of a second opinion or a third.

I am curious how they reached this conclusion.

I recently had a colonoscopy and they could not get past the bend. They are talking about exploratory surgery.

I would like to know about your symptoms.

I will keep you in my prayers.

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thank you, i feel like i have to go and all that comes out is a little clear mucus
and when they do the finger rectal exam they can feel the obstruction from the scar tissue

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I'm sorry that your doctors are recommending surgery for you. However, I've known quite a few people who have had scar tissue removed after treatment and have not required a colostomy, which as you know, is life altering. I would definitely get another opinion or more if possible.

You did not say what your symptoms, if any, have been. Is the scar tissue so massive that it is causing bowel issues? Please get another opinion. I hope it turns out that you will not need surgery and I wish you all the best.

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thank you, when they do the finger rectal exam they can feel the scar
tissue, and i sometimes feel like i have to go and all that comes out
is a clear mucus.

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Hi dagreen,
First let me say that I had anal/rectal cancer back in Oct 2004 and have been totally cancer free since. What I don't understand about your origional post is that you say you had anal cancer and that all is clear now. Yet you also claim to have scar tissue that is causing you to have difficult bowel movements. Did you have surgery on your colon? The rectum is the small tube that leads from the colon to the anus. If they are removing scar tissue and are telling you that you will end up with a colostomy bag then that leads me to believe that they are removing all or most of your colon which doesn't make sense to me. my point is that if you are having a hard time moving your bowels that means there is a blockage in your colon. something is simply not right here. I had anal/rectal cancer back in 04 and they got the entire tumor and I have been cancer free since. I had 6 weeks of radiation and 2 weeks of chemo. they installed a port on my chest for the first week and the last week of chemo. my hope is that you definately seek out a second if not a third opinion to find out what is going on. my thoughts and prayers are with you. stay strong and positive and have faith. you CAN get through this.

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I do have a colostomy as a result of my anal cancer but got it prior to treatment due to tumor size and placement. My docs were conflicted about it then (did not all agree), and are still, as to reversal. I am almost 1.5yrs post treatment. I also have what they say is unusual scar tissue??? I am seeing a specialist at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee in a few months to help me. I have utmost respect for both my onc and my surgeon, but the fact that they strongly disagree with each other can not be my problem now. Please get more advice, you may be able to avoid an unnecessary surgery.

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