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scan results

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The results of my PET scan last week are currently hazy. It was done at a different facility than my scan in May so they didn't have the images for comparison. Also, m onc is out this week, so I can't get his input for two weeks.

It does appear that there is progression of the tumors in my lungs and I have an "atypical infection" in them. The nurse put me on a Z-pack to see if that helps. I have had a lot of bad coughing for almost a week, but I chalked that up to the horrible air quality we have right now with all the smoke from wild fires. I've also been running a fever in the evenings but it hasn't hit 100.

I'm going to take a break from board for a few days and try to get some rest and stress relief. Will update all y'all when I know more.

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hey Ray,
Stress will definitely make us feel worse. So destress the best you can.
Relax and Peace my friend. sorry I have not been in contact with you lately.. but I too have been feeling the stress of scan results and just not really concentrating on the positives and only the what if's and whys.. and sometimes I think we just have to step back.
Take your time .. we will all miss your commentary hear but hope you feel better/best soon.

Brenda Bricco
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Sorry to hear that the news is progression; I hate that you have to wait so long before you see your doc. Take all the time you need to relax and get better, just check in every so often to let us know that you are well and so we can let you know that we are thinking and praying for you.
GOD bless you Ray.

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Will be thinking of you - hopefully, your onc will be able to give you more news. Personally, I think we should be able to get our results the same day - should be written into law somewhere! :)

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prayin for ya buddy!!!! keep us posted!!

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Breaks from here are therapeutic so enjoy your time off. An infection is at least a very treatable problem and may lead to you feeling significant;y better quite quickly. The porgression in the lungs is more of a concern but don't let your head run away with thoughts about what that means until you hace had a chance to sit down with your onc and discuss it properly. 'Hazy' news is often very unsettling and sets us off on anxiety based trains of thoughts - rest the body and rest your mind too.

Then get some good clear info from your team, get back up and running and carry on the good fight.

My thoughts are with you,

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Sending prayers and positive thoughts. Rest and heal the infection. Thinking of you.

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Sounds like a great plan. Please, when you're ready, give us your update.

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Less stress is always best. Let us know when you find out.

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Less stress is always best. Let us know when you find out.

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Enjoy the break... Hope things are OK

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Maybe you should wait and talk to your doctor since it seems that the scan is fuzzy. Hopefully the area they saw is just an infection all together. Take time to mellow out as that can help your spirit. Seems unusual that your doctor doesn't have someone else you could talk to while they are away. Hope you feel better soon.


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Hopefully the stuff showing up in your lungs is part of the infection, waiting for results is horrible. Hope you're feeling better.

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So far, the chemo-brain and fatigue haven't been as bad as usual and the Z-pack is working pretty well. My cough has really fallen off and it helps that the air quality is getting back to normal. I'm also doing about 2 liters of oxygen a few hours a day and that's helping as well.

The onc does have a nurse who takes care of his patients when he's out, but I guess she didn't have access to the last PET scan images and reports. Either that or she doesn't know how to read them, I don't know which.

Thanks for all of the support, well wishes and prayers.

God Bless to all,


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Hey Ray:
Don't panic. I've used quite a few different facilities for CT and PetScans and it seems as though each and every one sees things a little bit differently. Take care of the infection and then get those scan results straightened out. You're in my thoughts. xo

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hoping you are better. hang in there & remember you have alot of people praying for you! take care

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Sorry to hear about your lung issues - get some rest...and try to stay indoors away from the smoke from the fires.


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Praying you're able to rest and refresh, and I'm definitely praying that your results will be good.


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but hope the doctor will be able to have a more positive take on things when he returns. And I understand the need for a break from the cancer forums. Sometimes it's just overwhelming. But there will be folks here waiting for you when you return! Sending strength your way~Ann Alexandria

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