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Phase One of Treatment Complete!

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Hopkins has a tradition of patients ringing a bell once their radiation treatment is complete. Today Dave rang the bell. As someone said at the beginning of this journey, the treatment time will go by faster than you think. Now granted I'm not the patient, but from my perspective it did go by fairly quickly. He will still be closely followed, and is getting daily hydration for the foreseeable future. I was really glad about that. He was also cautioned that the nausea, upset stomach and diaharrea could continue for the next 10 to 14 days. But, he's finished! The mouth sores are abating. I'm hoping that he will start to regain some strength, and get in fighting shape for surgery October 8th. As Capt Dave says, get in shape cardiovascuarly so you'll better able to tolerate the stress of surgery. Right now he's not in the mood to do much of any thing, but we are heading to the beach in September, and I plan to accompany him on long walks on the beach. And rekindle the romance that cancer most definitely takes away.... :)

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Congratulations! Have a wonderful trip. BMGky

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The beach and romance sounds WONDERFUL! Congratulations to you BOTH for completing phase one. I'm anxious to see more successful graduates from surgery. Enjoy the downtime and prepare for what comes next.


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Have a great trip. Hope Dave is up for some romance. He's lucky to have you!

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What a nice way to celebrate the end of treatment. I am going to suggest that. A beach romance vaca. Enjoy. You certainly deserve it and walks on the beach sound like a great idea!!

Hugs and FEC,

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