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Hello from Australia no 2

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Hello and a big thank you to all those lovely people who replied to me. I couldn't find where to add to the messages to reply to you all so have to start a new post. Can someone tell me where to add to a discussion topic???
A couple of answers and a couple of questions from the posts. My rad treatment is guided by PET, MRI and CT scans together. The rad onc spent a few years in the US and is using this here, which he says is new and more successful. Hope so!
My colostomy is supposed to be temporary, but I don't like my chances of reversal- damage from radiation and scar tissues. It has been an issue getting used to it as after I left hospital five weeks ago I didn't hear from the Stoma nurse or the surgeon. I was struggling, but found a new stoma nurse which has helped
Thanks for all your advice- lots of the products have different names, but I can Google them and take it from there. Everytime I go in for treatment there are rad nurses on duty to help with questions,but I have found you do need to be proactive and I have had to learn to stand up for myself.
In a sitz bath what ratio of salt do you use? My nurse said one tablespoon but it didn't sound much.
This is my second go-round with cancer. I had non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 1988 with 9 months of chemo. i figure I've had my share, but at least both were curable ones.
Just have to take it one day at a time and enjoy the small moments in each day,
Best wishes to you all,

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If you want to post a reply on a topic thread, just click on the "reply" in blue at the bottom of the person's post and you'll be able to add your thoughts to that thread. Obviously, you already know how to start a new topic.

It sounds like you are getting the most up-to-date form of treatment, so that is definitely in your favor. I'm glad you've found a good stoma nurse to help you with the colostomy issues. As for take-down surgery, many have undergone that with success after having this treatment, so don't give up on it!

When I soaked in the tub, I didn't add anything to the water. Some people use Epsom Salts, but I didn't, so have nothing to report to you personally on that. My advice would be to start with a small amount of whatever you are adding to test your tolerance and increase if all goes well.

I'm glad you are learning to ask for what you need. Do not be afraid to speak up and tell the nurses and doctors about any side effects and what they can prescribe. As much as you can describe to them what is happening, they are not experiencing it, you are, so sometimes you have to get persistent!

I wish you all the very best and hope you'll keep us posted on how things go!

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Hi, You are surely educating yourself and seem well prepared for this journey. I do hope I did not add to your anxiety about colostomy reversal. I had several complications and unusual problems with scar tissue and have not entirely given up on the idea yet. The inflamation does take time to heal and a lot of patience is needed. I met a man that was treated about a year ago and just a few weeks ago had a colostomy reversal and is doing quite well. In my case, on top of other things I had to table colostomy issues due to a breast cancer diagnoses one year after the anal cancer. I remember being kind of pre-occupied with it for a while, then just looked at it as part of my treatment and decided I would deal with things one day at a time. A good stoma nurse is a big help, I'm glad that worked out. You have a great attitude and I can tell you'll do just fine. We are all here for each other to help, so glad you found us!

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