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Please Help !!!! Switching Chemo Treatment...1st treatment was unsuccessful..

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I am returning to this discussion board seeking desperately for support,guidance and HELP. I have posted before about my mom being diagonised with Gallbladder Stage four,back in the beginning of July. My mom has just went through her 4th treatment with two types of Chemo ( Gemzar & Cispltin ) . Her first CT scan after her treatments was last week were we all prayed for hoped for some good news. Seeing how my mom felt I had a strong feeling that the chemo was not working. But I still kept positive. We were told after her CT scan her result should come in 2 to 3 days after, and we would be hearing from her doctor with the results.

I would say just 2 hour after is when we got a call from her doctor were they found another discovery. A blood clot by her lungs, very serious were she needed to be rushed back in and treated immediately with blood thinning. Her cancer on her chest seems to be the same, but her stomach area the doctor said seemed be larger. Her Chemo treatment with Gemzar & Cisplatin was unsuccessful.

That day I think was more of difficult day, then the day we found out she was diagnosed. Hoping and praying that chemo treatment will help her, but didn't and also finding another serious & bad issue that could of caused my mom's life was devestating. This bad news had brought my mom hopes down. Were she couldnt even talk and even lost her breath in the office. Her doctor had to keep her for a couple of hours for observation, giving her oxygen and laying her down.

The doctor now is changing her treatment to 5fu. And she's begining this wednesday. Her treatment will be instead of 5-8 hours to only 1/2 hour. 3 days straight, with 3 weeks off. The success rate with this new treatment is 1 out 5%.

Alot of times her pains is so severe where she says she tired. It hurts so much to even see her go through this. Reading different success stories in this website is giving her hope and she is asking me to write for any kind of help. Her main thing right now is her pain, how she can medicated it or anything she can use or take to feel at least comfortable or not feel it at all. I wish and pray at this point her pain can go away, that was she find her energy & strength and focus on her biggest challenge. Any suggestions or help I and my family would be open to hear and appreciate. My mom is not giving up. She's following strickly on what the doctors tells hers, and is open to all opinions stories experiences and any and all help. I & my family believe that my mom will be that 1% in beating this challenge. Thank you for your time and PLEASE free to email me @ evelynchan2004@yahoo.com or my sister casia2468@aol.com.

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