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Stage 4 Pancreatic CA Survivors & FIghters

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Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer April 2012. He was originally told he was a good candidate for Whipple Surgery (it was very likely), bur further scans revealed Liver Mets. Since April 2012 he was given 7 weekly doses of Gemzar that brought his CA19-9 labs from 18000+ down to below 4000, however after dose #7 he also had a rare lung reaction and doctors are reluctant (plain unwilling) to give it another go w/steroids, etc on board. He was given two weeks off and then went to 5FU w/Oxaliplatin, but doses #2 and #3 caused reactions resulting in pneumonia the first time, and chills/fever/disorientation the second time.

We recently visited UCSF and Stanford in CA for other treatment options (and since named top 2 hospitals via World Magazine thought it was worth a try) and were sent home. How do these survivors online find a doctor willing to provide hope and think outside the box on options???

Has anyone had these same reactions or what meds/treatments have others tried and had good results with??

Any and all suggestions welcomed and will definitely investigate. Thanks so much.

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