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Doctor visit

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Just seen the doctor, my GP. She turned me on to a web site called PUBMED, dont know if anyone knows about this. She uses this site. Google should find it. A lot of good information on PC and other topics. Also had long discussion about PSA testing and also vitamins.

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From this and your other post in another thread it sounds like you have a really good GP who is knowledgable about prostate cancer. I love my GP, a former Vietnam vet who was a field medic, but I don't particularly trust his knowledge about prostate cancer. When I was diagnosed he told me that basically I had to choose between surgery and seeds and he STRONGLY recommended surgery. GPs have to keep up with a lot of different information and I understand how difficult it must be to be current on everything. The fact that yours seems so knowledgeable about prostate cancer and recommends additional research areas is a breath of fresh air.


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After being diagnosed with PC my lady is very concerned about having sex because she is worried that cancer cells can be transmitted to her. I am sure that this subject has come up and that someone knows the answer. Please share any info on this.

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you will get better answers if you post on one thread, not all over the place, so your history can be seen. Additionally you will not hijack any ongoing threads.

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Hopeful and Optimistic has a good suggestion about starting new threads. It's easy to do and helps keep similar topics about prostate cancer together so that men with similar concerns can view all the responses together. It's easy to do. Just click, start new thread, at the top of the page.

Short answer to your question is that it is impossible to transmit prostate (or any other cancer) through sexual intimacy. First off, women don't get prostate cancer just like men don't get uterine or ovarian cancer. Prostate cancer (like any other cancer) is caused by malfunctioning cells, not by exposure to another person through sexual contact. Prostate cancer is not contagious.

Your lady should discuss this issue with her gynecologist and I'm sure her doctor can put these fears to rest. In the meantime your lady may wish to read the following link:


Hope this helps.


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Thanks for putting that to bed. I had same idea but thought it might be a dumb question

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