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Hi all: I have now been released from 3 months in the hospital
after going to emergency with a perforated bowel. Almost died from
it - on life support for 2 weeks and woke up paralyzed from the
nose down. That was a shock. Apparently when you are on life support
for as long as I was, your muscles shut down. But after a month
of physio I can walk with a walker and move most of my bits. I see
the oncologist on Wednesday to see where we go from here. I believe
that the folfirinox chemo I was having contributed to the perforation
but we'll see. Don't think I'll go back on that one! Sorry I haven't
reported for awhile.

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It is so good to see you on here again Cheryl. I had noticed your absence, and I am glad you posted. Your experience must have been terrifying, paralizied from the nose down! My aunt experienced bowl perforation after surgery for ovarian cancer, appeared to be caused by adhesions. I hope you continue to get stronger and remain well.

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Oh, what a journey. But you seem to be a strong woman and to handle 2 weeks on life support is marvelous. Glad to have you back on here and I wish for you to get stronger by the day. Mum just recently experienced about the same. Will be home from hospital hopefully by the end of the week. Also getting stronger each day. You will get through this bump on the road.

Warm thoughts from Sophie

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Posts: 642
Joined: Jun 2010

Hi all: Thanks! Feeling better by the day. See the oncologist tomorrow to see where
we go from here - hopefully no more chemo, at least the treatment I was getting. I don't
want another hospital stay like this one!

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Hi Cheryl - What a time you have had but such good news you are feeling better each day. Hope the oncologist appointment went well. Thinking of you and wishing you well.

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Hi there ... Have been worried about you. My previous name was wanttogetwellsoon but patsie is my name actually.I'm so glad you're home! X

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Tina Brown
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So sorry to hear about you being so ill. I am pleased to read you are feeling much better. I am sure the oncologists will come up will a plan for you. Take care & lots of love Tina xxxx

Best Friend
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All i can say is DEAR LORD!

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