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stage 4 update

ray slone
Posts: 25
Joined: May 2012

hello friends i had another pet scan last week and it showed 75 percent less cancer activity in the main esophageal tumor and no new cancer any where in my body. i do have 3 bone mets and they have gotten smaller as well. my doctor told me this was the best possiable news we could have ask for. i ask him what do we do now and he said we will just keep knocking it back with chemo and hope for a cure. i do understand this cancer comes back almost evertime and other drugs may be needed to control it. me and my wife got in the car drove down the street in tears of joy with the wonderful news we had been given. in the days before the pet scan i had thought to my self the news would be bad and had even smoked a few cigs. that was the only good news we have had since feb. all is good Ray

stephikindred's picture
Posts: 153
Joined: Mar 2012

Good to hear from you. 75% reduction is good! Some people do better with the chemo than others. I'm so happy you and your wife had some much needed joy today. Thank you for sharing your good results with us! I'm praying you keep up the good momentum.

ray slone
Posts: 25
Joined: May 2012

thank you steph and jayme for your prays and good thoughts, we all need that will this nasty cancer. i hope all is well in your worlds ray

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Joined: Jun 2012

No new cancer and reduced tumors are GREAT news! Praying for continued success!


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Joined: Feb 2012

That is wonderful news! Praying for continued success in your battle.


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So glad to hear your good news. May the good news continue!!!

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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