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Can anyone tell me what you have experienced with Nueropathy? I finished chemo back in March and ever since then I have noticed that my fingers are very numb and tingly, along with my heals and toes. My toes actually do not have much feeling in them, as I have stubbed them and bent back a couple of toe nails without much pain.

Just curious how much time to expect for this to slow down and eventually stop. I have a hard time at work flipping pages, and at times I find it difficult to walk. Sometimes I feel like I am taking humongous steps.

I believe it was the oxiplatin that I was given that caused this issue, and I am expecting to get some additional follow up chemo next month. I had the liver resected and they want to do some additional follow up chemo. Do I refuse the oxiplatin, or since I had a very good response to the chemo cocktail, continue with the same stuff... just do not like the aftermath and affects of it.

Thanks in advance for the advice and info!!

Good day to all!

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Everyone's symptoms and length can last differently. I'm still experiencing some and it's been several years. The tingling is a major issue. At night while the sheets were on my feet the sheets irritated them so bad. Just couldn't stand the feeling of that much pressure on my feet. It's gotten better, but never went away. Talk to your doctor about your concerns, because if you have those symptoms now your doctor may want to reduce the amount of that for you or just take that one portion away from your treatment. That is a nasty drug and can have lingering side effects. Hope you feel better soon.


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i did folfox6 jan-july 2011. i did not have any neuropathy issues until after #12. i had some neuropathy after #8thru #11 but within 2 days it resolved. after #12 it has taken 1 year for it to get better. i did not have pain but tingling & moderate numbness were in the knees down to toes & in the fingers. after 1 yr it is almost gone in the fingers & is just in the feet/toes. just tingling & very slight numbness. at first i had trouble picking up coins. could not even fasten a necklace. now i can. it is much better but i do not think it will ever go away but i can manage this. my onc said after 1 yr what you have is the best it will be but i know better! mine is still improving. it was the oxi that caused mine so this time i am on folifiri plus avastin. no more oxi for me. watch temps of things as you could burn yourself real quick. test temps with your wrist if it does not have neuropathy. also watch cold things. the nerves are trying to heal ( it takes a very long time) & very hot or very cold things set back healing as the nerves get inflamed from extreme temps when you have neuropathy. it should improve but it is hard to wait. i was told by a friend to take b6 & 12 otc tabs. i did for about 3 wks & quit as i did not see any difference. always check with your onc before taking anything! goodluck & keep us posted!

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