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Things I did not expect!

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Hi Ladies,

I am now out 5 months from my second surgery and seem to be cancer-free. That makes me really happy.

The only down sides I'm feeling are:

I still do not have all of my stamina back. Since I work physically, that is a bummer.

My left shoulder got pretty damaged during the second surgery - I guess because they had to do it so quickly they weren't paying much attention to my arm and shoulder. Again, this makes my work more difficult as I am a massage therapist and use all those muscles. I am getting pt twice a week and I trade with a colleague for massage so I definitely think I'm on the mend. I do have more range of mobility but sometimes I have a lot of pain especially after working on a few people and, funny though it may sound, when I walk any significant distance. Maybe it's because I'm 17 years older than the last mastectomy that things hurt more and recovery is slower. HaHa - I'm not even going there!


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The stamina comes back slow don't it. It's nice that you can trade out massage. That must help tremendously. I just wanted you to know you are in my prayers and thoughts. Hoping soon that pain will be a thing of the past. Take care Darlin Kay,

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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The general advice found in most of the cancer books is that it will take approximately the same amount of time you are in treatment to recover from treatment. So if you are in treatment for 9 months, it will take about 9 months to get your stamina back. This is of course a general guideline, some will take less time, some will take more time.

Trading massage with a coworker sounds fabulous to me!



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It is fabulous! I'm very lucky to have such a plan.
Come on over, Linda, and I'll give you a complementary massage. I've given a lot of people with cancer at least one complimentary massage. :-))

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We are our worst critics sometimes. We think, partially because others think, we should just bounce back to the way that we were before our surgery's and treatments, but, we can't. It takes time for our bodies to heal and to regain strength. Just be good to yourself and allow this time to start feeling better. It will just take some time, but, you will start to get energy back. I find that exercise has helped me a lot, even just walking.

Good luck,


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How are you doing Pam? Feeling better?

Hugs, Debby

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