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Scan Results - Oh Bloody Hell

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Have had one round of chemo. Today's chemo cancelled due to low platelets.

Petscan shows new spot in pelvis and adrenal gland. Still have lung nodules of course since I just started chemo but pelvis and adrenal gland new. Anyone have this? Any words of wisdom?

You know you have hit an all time low when you are actually jealous that people were lucky to get chemo today. Lol.

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Chemo is one of those ambivalent feelings - you don'' want to do it - but you don't 'not' want to do it either:(

Platelets have always been a huge problem for me, Vicki...and dictated many times me not receiving the chemo....all of it was with Oxaliplatin.

Irinotecan was murder and my counts were very low, upper 60's/low 70's...we kept that protocol alive with Neulast for low WBC counts.

My onc told me the only way to get my platelets up, was to remove my spleen - then the numbers would rise - I had previously read that prior to consultation and so I could confirm what he was telling was true.

Wish I could have something magical to work for you:)

Double drats on the new spots that showed up. I'm hopeful that your chemo setback will only be for another week...and that you can rebound to continue.


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So sorry with scan results. What does onc say? It seems a lot of people have had delays on chemo because of low platelets, hopefully waiting 1 week you will be back in the chair. I have only done 3 doses so far of Folfox and this is my week off. I get CT next month. Let us know how you're doing.

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Hi there. Onc said remission still possible and that we need to follow same chemo. He said chemo may take care of the new spots and that I shouldn't overact, take it one step at a time with step on being chemo for three months. At that point we will do another scan and see if they are gone, worse, etc. I felt better that he said remission is still possible. My husband was more upset than I was this time. Praying for remission.

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Hope remission is the final outcome. Take it a day at a time. Lots of hugs to you!

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I know how hard this is on everyone in the family. 3 months of chemo can kick those spots out. Now to get those platelets up this week and back on schedule, you can do it Vicki! I'm there with you in the chemo chair next week, we can compare nasty side effects :).

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Before last infusion l was at 64000, but the doctor assumed the risk and we went ahead !
Feel sorry for the results but I'm sure things will become better after a few more cycles, will pray for it!
Hugs dear friend!

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Hoping that you can continue treatment within the week. This happened to me too and it's not unusual. Since you are just starting treatment it's very possible that it will take care of those new spots too. If the numbers don't rise you might have to do the shots too. They aren't fun, but can help boost your levels so you can continue treatment.


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I would almost always have low platelets and would have to skip a week so the platelets could rebound. I never went more than one week which for me was okay because it gave me a few extra goods days. Hang in there and pray your plates jump back up. Jeff

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the first time i did chemo it was folfox6. 1 time mine were 53 on a scale of 135 plus being good.i was delayed 1 week & i was worried that it would not pop up but guess what. the next week it was 80! so i got chemo. plus at that time i was so worn down but did know it & that week off really helped me to recoup & be stronger. i felt so good for the next tx. let your body heal & do not worry. stress is not good!

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I always used think what is happening now to my tumours from a cancelled chemo session. Sorry about the new distant spread, but never had pelvis/adrenal gland mets. Hang in there you will get into the 'magic juice' soon.

Best wishes…Andrerw

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