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pete is starting tallberg and low dose naltrexone and psorinum.

Its been a week since i annoyed everyone with with attempt at gcmaf yogurt and shots.

Well cannot let the sunset when we might have some cancer cells to kill.

so i have ordered and am starting the following therapies.

is starting tallberg and low dose naltrexone and psorinum.

one day i might try conventional therapies, them again with some luck i might also get cured.

i can dream, we all can dream.

I have not started nvd as my vet is away on holidays and i have enough toys to play with.

be well my friends, if i find something that works you will know, if thing brings this joyous experience we call life to an end before cancer then watch out for those untested alternatives.


ps reply on your own judgement and oh of course seek expert medical opinion. now often that is outside your own country. skype saves lives.

pps i would not recommend you try this at home.

ppps my business is making a nice profit, that i have decide to investment in a very risky investment. my future.


  • pete43lost_at_sea
    pete43lost_at_sea Member Posts: 3,900
    for those interested in the key therapies before hallwang

    this in mainly for ren, maybe ted is interested.

    the cost of doing these for the month before hallwang was negligible.

    i have documented these on my blog.

    so besides tcm, a range of supplements and maf314 yogurt you have the routine pre germany.

    the science of most of these is available on the web, some on my blog in medical references.

    see colonchat.net for detailed discussions on alternative strategies so we don't upsetuo conventionally minded friends here.



    ps you can tell the level of interest, no replies or interest here, on colonchat, these suggestions will take 10 pages to discuss. the amino acid therapy based solutions is the tip of the targetted dietary iceberg. ask businsky what his peptides are, he got his ideas from tallberg, just businisk also is expensive. the money and therapy access thing is everywhere. i wish it were not so.