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Does anyone know if you can receive radiation more than once. Someone told me you couldnt.


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    It is only possible to have
    It is only possible to have radiation once with one exception that I am aware of. I have read blogs by people who have had traditional radiation to deal with brain mets then had gamma knife radiation to additional brain mets. For more info you could check with the oncologists who monitor the cancergrace.org website.
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    I've heard conflicting info
    I asked this question semi-recently, and was told with some of the newer precisely-targeted methods, they could do it more than once. I asked the question in reference to myself, after a semi-ambiguous scan (no need for additional treatment so far).

    I have the feeling you can't get it to the same spot more than once, and was told that early in treatment, but the latest conversation was a little less concrete.

    The best I can say is the answer is apparently not an ironclad "no."
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    Rad's again...
    Mom had WBR, Gamma knife, was offered as well 2nd time around again WBR after suspision of lepto.(declined it) and just finished 10 days of rad's to shoulder and pelvis.
    I hope this answers your question?

    My Mom who’s 62 now. Has been DX 1/3/11 NSCLC (Adeno) Triple mutation neg. 10 days of WBR and brain surgery 1/11, started Carboplatin/Alimta/Zameta and B12, showed 1 tumor growing switched TX to Taxotere/Zameta 5/11 too many side effects, tumors have grown, port put in 8/11, thoracenteses x2 neg.- CA, pleurodesis on both lungs 8/11 & 10/11. Gemzar 8/11 growth and too many side effects.11/16/11 started Navelbine. 5//12 scans showed some growth to chest wall, switch to Topotecan. 7/12 progression with several brain mets, poss leptomeningeal disease (declined lumbar puncture). Tarceva 7/12