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Lets talk good

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Dear all:
Tired of worrying and googling on symptoms, medicines, options, Side effects etc...

To energize all, Can we hear about some Outright miracle turnaround stories from the condition you/your loved ones were in during this fight for cancer..

I am Sure Hearing this turnaround stories will give a Mental Boost than any other Regimen can give...

For Starters,
A Well known family friend of mine was given 5-6 months to live when diagionised, had few littleoptions for treatment,,,but she went on to live for next 12 years..


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I was given6 months back in June 09 and here it is Aug 2012. Since the original dx my daughter and son have gotten married. My daughter had a beautiful baby girl. There are many other special moments that I cherish. One thing for sure is every day is more special. Pray everyone gets well. Jeff

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Marc's mother was dx'd at 59 with Stage III colon cancer. She started chemo but got so sick that they stopped it within a few weeks. A couple of years later she had a liver met. She had a resection and was fine for 3 years. They found a small lung met. She had that removed.... 14 years ago! Never had any other chemo. She's a very active woman (widow) who keeps busy at her church and in the community, goes dancing and plays Bridge weekly with friends.

There's a guy on Colon Club (PHD in Chemistry) who was dx'd with c/c and over 50 liver tumors 12 years ago. He had a resection of colon and liver and is still NED today. He believes positive thinking, prayer and healthy diet helped him beat this.

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Hi Patch - so happy to read your post as both stories are uplifting ... just curious, I visit CC from time to time and wondered if you could tell me who had the 50 liver tumors 12 years ago? I'd love to go digging for their old posts :-) Thanks for sharing.

Here is another happy story: a family friend, a man I see frequently, was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with a single liver met that was removed during original surgery 12 years ago - he has been disease free ever since.

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