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My Mom

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Nana b
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On the 4th of July my sister put her hands on my Mom's thigh and asked her, what the heck is this Mom? A lump.

Recently, we were going through the process of getting it checked when she started feeling dizzy and had an irregular heart beat, this landed her in ER. Last night the family went in to talk with the doctor about her heart, and he says, "you all know she had cancer on her thigh"..........

NO! We didn't. We told him a biopsy had not been done.

He says they are pretty sure is Sarcoma, and they also found a nodule on her lungs and thyroid. DAMM! I asked him what were the next steps, and he said "biopsy of course, thought it was done." He went on to say, that its a very aggressive cancer, and it's quite large and she may need to get her leg cut off. Damm!

Phew! So, the next couple of days she is getting angiogram to see if she has a blockage, may need a pace maker. Depending on drugs, that she is put on, they may not be able to deal with the cancer for 1 month to 6 months.

I just went out on FMLA for my chemo and to take care of my Mom.

I am in shock and in shock.........and in shock!

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So very sorry for this news about your mother.

I hope that the biopsy proves the doctor wrong and it is benign.

Praying for better health for her and for you.


Marie who loves kitties

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This cancer stinks. Pray the Dr are catching things early and can get treatment going soon. Will be praying for your mom and you. Hang tough. Jeff

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I am so sorry about your mother. It always seems like some chit is always happening. No rest for the weary! I know that you are strong and I will keep you, your mother and family in my prayers.


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I understand the shock. That is how I felt too when my Mom was diagnosed. I had just finished chemo myself and her illness threw me much more than my own did.

Take care & best wishes for your Mom.

{{{ Hugs}}}


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I'm sorry to hear this news. I hope that it's treatable and that she does well.
You're both in my thoughts...

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This has been a difficult year for so many of us here with all types of news...

Wishing you and your mom the absolute best!

In looking for words...I see your avatar and its message...the older we all get, it seems that just the task of "getting through it" everyday is just about the hardest thing there is.

Glad you have some leave time afforded you - sure does help.


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So sorry to hear that, what awful news. I'm hoping that they can give her treatment to be able to keep her leg and put her into remission. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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Just wanted you to know that I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I know how hard it is to watch a parent's health fail. Hoping her treatment is successful and that your upcoming chemo is not too hard on you.



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so sorry.
please know we all are here to support you.
praying for you.

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