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Almost three years since diagnosed

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With ovca...aroun Labor Day...was going to se my son in Atlanta. I got on the plane and went and had fun. I knw surgery would be soon when I returned. Seems hard to believe...I am still here and fighting like hell. August 30th chemo of Carbo/ Taxol will start again for six more times....I have had18 so far and it will 24 . I value your friendship and support...Val

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Joined: Jun 2011

You're an encouragement to us all Val. you're such a fighter!!


Posts: 1995
Joined: May 2003

You are such an inspiration! Hugs & Prayers to you!


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Joined: Sep 2011

and your caring nature and sense of humor. When your chemo starts up again, I know you'll kick cancer's butt!


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as well as your fighting spirit and sense of humor. Congrats on your three year anniversary. (((HUGS))) Maria

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on 3 years Val! I aways look forward to your posts. You are an inspiration!

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You're such an inspiration to us all, I know that you will be back in remission soon.



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results soon. I always like reading your posts especially on Facebook. I know I can always look forward to a good laugh. I believe a positive attitude and sense of humor are vital in dealing with this disease. I sometimes inject a little black humor which people may not always appreciate but I would rather laugh at this disease than cry about it.


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I have had the good fortune to meet you in person, and you are so upbeat ,always one of the first ones to offer support to us when needed. Usually with a bit of humor to brighten our day, thank-you for that.
Somehow we will get thru whatever this twisted road throws at us but you do it with grace and a smile. Congratulations on three years I wish it could have been disease free the whole time but some of us have been picked to fight more than others, myself included.
Thank-you for being here my special friend!

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I love your sense of humor! I agree with Karen - you have to keep laughing. It helps.

Keep on truckin'!


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You are not only inspiring but so warm and understanding. I have been fighting this 2 years this month and will start Carbo# 11 this week. Didnt know we could do so much of it but I am hoping it works for both of us! We shall do this together and win!

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