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Lower abdomen pain

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I had surgery 8 weeks ago, rectal tumor, gallbladder, and liver tumor out. I was in the hospital 6 days. Recovery was rough, but every day got better. Now I'm having stabbing pain below the belly button, 1st right side now both sides. I have done 3 rounds of Folfox and the last one was Monday. Every time I move it hurts. I am calling the surgeon tomorrow, but has anyone experienced this?

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Could be adhesions. Those pains can come on later and last a long time. Healing from this surgery is a beast. However, when in doubt, it is best to call your dr.

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You might have pulled a suture or more but you should contact your doctor. After my surgery, but several weeks later, my stomach hurt so bad and then realized it was because of getting in my husband's truck and I'd pulled something. Something so simple can happen like that. Hoping you feel better soon.


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