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Still dealing with sore throat

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Well, I pretty much have figured out that it's back. I've had a on and off sore throat for months now. And now my tongue is sore. Anyone else have this happen. Onc dr said very unlikely it would be cancer because of the type I had..well...I guess time will tell

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Sore throats can also be caused by GERD or heartburn. Are you on a PPI? Have they suggested you have an endoscope? I am sorry that I do not know the history of your case but wanted to suggest seeing a GI for the sore throat.

Wife to EC survivor.

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Posts: 46
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Sorry, I'm kinda new to this. Anyway my story ..short one. Oct 2008 kidney cancer..right kidney removed. Full recovery. Scans every 6 months. April 2010 showed thickening of esophagus..barium swallow..no problem. Sept 2010. Pain when eating sometimes..dr scopes and says sorry you have EC . Jan 2011 started chemo..4 rounds and 35 rounds og radiation. PET scan in April showed it hadnt spread so I had the surgery here in FLINT MI. Dr Silver...did very well. No problems what so ever. BUT with surgery they removed. 11 lymph nodes and 1 was positive. So. 4 more rounds of chemo. Finished that last July. Been pretty good since. Scared of course when I get a ache or pain. But very good overall. Seen Dr Danish in May he thought sore throat unlikely cancer and then it went away. Had a scope..all good. But dr said it didn't show the throat. It comes and goes. When I seen Dr in May he wanted a PET scan in Sept and I told him I was done with them..just didn't really want to know it came back, because he seemed certain if it did wouldn't be much to do for me. But I called today and asked to get one, because you are right it's better to know what Im dealing with. And maybe with a little luck it will be fine. Thanks for answering so quickly ... I don't mean to jabber on so much.

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