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not being the typical patient

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My mom's oncologist has told us a number of times that she is "not the typical patient." I have mixed feelings about hearing this. I know it's supposed to be a good thing, the fact that she's been fighting stage 4 stomach cancer for close to 3 years now, when statistics said 12-16 months.

However, my mom feels so tired from the chemo and so drained. The second to last chemo had no effect and mets grew, then she was only on irinotecan which showed mixed results, so the dr has added another drug with it. I really hope it works.

It's just that when I hear she's not the typical patient, it makes gets me scared because it's sorta like, well we've never dealt with this situation before, so we're going into uncharted waters. I wish her situation was more common because then there's a better idea of what works and what approach can be done.

I don't want the day to come where the doctor will say there are no options left but remember she wasn't the typical patient (almost like a consolation, the positive side of this situation).

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Hello, I can relate not to being told I'm not the typical patient but sounds similar to being dx with a rare cancer. You doubt all the time if this dr or radiologist or pathologist are getting it right, knowing that, if they've had a case like this at all, it's only been a few in their careers. Scary cuz then you feel like you have to be more involved/do research to check on things. Much easier to just trust the docs.

In your mother's case though it sounds positive, like she is beating the odds. But I get it when you say that you wish her situation was more common. I wonder if there ever really is a cancer or situation involving cancer that is common though. My prayers are with you and your mother. Sometimes the longer something (whatever it is) goes on the harder it is to stay upbeat and fight it. Hugs, Ruffy

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I too have been told that I am not the typical patient and they are treating my cancer as a variant of colon cancer. I have a rare cancer - signet ring adenocarcinoma. I have lined up a specialist...well not just any specialist - the expert in my rare cancer. I will be going to him for a second opinion. I feel the same way about my current oncologist - this is a cancer that most oncologists, from what I have read, never see in their entire careers. I am only 45 - so I need someone who is both experienced and is willing to help me fight this aggressively.

I will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers. Have you had other opinions? I hope the addition of the new drug will yield positive results for her.


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