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Going for Biopsy tomnorrow and would love some feedback

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I have nodules on my thyroid that were discovered through a CT Scan with Dye. An ultrasound was done and it was determined one was begign, one very small one was likely benign and the largest one was heterogenous, hypoechoic with unknown cells and indeterminate. I would not be too worried as my research shows that most nodules are benign. However, I have had swollen glands from the base of my neck to the collar bone, it is difficult to swallow (off/on--depends on the day) and the swelling/pain extends to my underarm and down the arm. I was wondering if any of you had symptoms prior to your diagnosis. I have also read that needle biopsies do not always detect thyroid cancer. If any of you have feedback, suggested questions and information I should ask/tell the Endochrinologist tomorrow, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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I hope your biopsy went well. I have not heard of the pain and swelling traveling down to the arms. It sounds like something else is going on. Please keep me posted on your progress.

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