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Heres where I'm at:

- vision seems to have cleared up
- energy level a little better. Made it through a tile buying excursion to home depot without needing a nap when I came home.
- lemon sized lymph node is down to size of a pecan. Still a little nervous.
- seems to be an increase in watery saliva. Less foamy and I can actually spit it out.
- mucus down by about 80%. Using guaifenisin so I guess it helps.
- no mouth sores
- able to drink water and swallow pills
- still no taste except for one rebellious taste bud who decided to wake up and be bitter.
- still relying on tube 100% because of taste issues

That's all I've got for now :o)

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Energy better, increase in saliva(that's huge), able to drink AND swallow pills and no mouth sores all at 2 weeks out?! You sound like you are doing awesome. Taste is weird how it comes back and also how it goes away during treatment. I remember I had all my taste one day literally and the next day it was all gone except salty! Everything I put in my mouth tasted like salt. Water tasted like the ocean. I'm sure your other tastes will come back soon with how quickly you are progressing but until then thank God for the tube!
Just remember to rest up, don't overdo it and keep trying different foods, something will jump at you soon.
Take care,

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It just keeps getting better from here on out.

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Congrats on healing so nicely. It is always good to read positive posts about recovery.

Keep that healin' train runnin'


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Your'e doing great! I'm jealous..if only I had done that well 2 weeks post rad.

You truly are tuff...! :)


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That's really great progress, for two weeks out, especially the watery saliva! Remember to stay hydrated--I think that's part of why my mouth is staying extra dry and sticky. Keep up the good work!

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