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Anyone had Ascites with Pancreatic Neuroendocrine w/mets

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Trying to find out information if anyone has ever had Ascites. The last few weeks my husband has been saying he has been feeling bloated. And every time we went to doctor in the last month he had weight gain. Well I kept thinking that was strange since he has not been eating much. Well we r waiting on bloodwork to come back but his stomach is swollen and he almost looks 6 months pregnant. His ankles and feet were swollen one day also. Dr said its either one of two things, the cancer or Sutent. Its fluid backing up. But he feels it's the cancer. He may possibly end up having stomach drained. Just to give him relief.
Thanks if anyone can provide info.

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My mom had a lot of fluid too. She was very tiny- about 85 pounds without the massive amount of ascites fluid. They drained off 4 liters of fluid at once. This ended up putting us back in the hospital for a week because it messed up her electrolyte levels... DONT let the doctors drain that much, even if he is larger. That is everywhere I read on the internet, but our technicians didn't know any better. We could drain off a liter or a liter and a half off of her and feel safe about it. Probably for a man don't let them drain off more than 2 liters at once. They ended up putting a drain in my mom and we could just take off half a liter a day at home to keep her comfortable. Hope that helps. Oh, and it was pancreatic cancer with liver mets that she had...

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Thank you. After being drained twice a week for almost a month. My husband passed away on October 3rd.

Anywhere from 2 to 4 liters each time. Plus he had to have lungs drained which was another liter. Up until he was put on hospice about two weeks before his death. Even though they say this cancer is slow growing, I am not convinced of this. Because once the Ascites set in, cancer just went viral in him. Thank you for your post..

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I am so sorry you lost your husband.
My husband doesn't have what yours did but is in stage 4 now and I am so scared.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Life is so unfair sometimes.

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