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Great Scan Results

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Hello All,

I know its been a while since I have posted, I do lurk from time to time. I had my scans done a week ago last friday, and I got the ALL CLEAR once again. Thank you GOD! In November it will be 4 years in remission. History: DX in May 2007 Stage 3, had surgery, did chemo and rads, all clear in June 2008, came back in Oct same year, stage 4, as it had moved to my lung, had surgery again, did chemo, finished in June 2009, and have had clear scans ever since. I was actually struggling with making this post, but my partner said that I should share the great news, to share some hope, so that is what I am doing. I do struggle with what one would probably call survivors guilt, but I am learning that guilt is a wasted emotion. Sometimes I wonder why me? Why not let Lisa live, she had 3 kids under 18, or Donna, or so many of the ones that have passed from this beast, but I guess my answer is its not up to me. I am so very thankful for everyday....I am so very thankful for all those here on the board, so terrific people here...This board helped save my life :)

CP10 is around the corner, I strongly encourage anyone who is able to come. I know the rate is 149, but if you happen to be eligible for government/military/senor rates, you might be able to get it a bit cheaper, as I did, got my room for 100 a night. It is so much fun, to be around others that know what you are going through or went through, to be able to talk about your situation without having to explain every little detail, because we all know the ins and outs of different treatments, surgeries and potty problems. There is so much laughter, some crying, lots of good eats, sight seeing, and more laughter.

Well thanks for listening, you are all in my prayers everyday....



has anyone heard from Jennie? We are supposed to meet in Dallas next week for the Cowboys game, but havent been able to get a hold of her...I am so worried...

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Your partner was right and thank you for sharing this great news! Stories like yours are so inspiring. I especially needed to read this tonight. It's a pain night :-(
Wishing you many more good scans.
My best to you and yours,

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I will tell her she so enjoys being right...LOL

I am so sorry you are in pain, I will say a special prayer for you if you dont mind....One thing she always told me, if your in pain, and have pain meds, take them, no need to be in pain if you dont have too, if you dont have them, maybe you can talk to your ONC about getting some. I am not trying to push meds, but what I am trying to say is you have to be on top of your treatment, and there are so many things out there where you should at least be comfortable it at all possible.


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LOL! I took the pain meds as I was typing my first reply. I dislike the meds but dislike the pain even more :-)

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So nice to see your smiling face again. Congratulations on your clean scan and NEVER apologize for sharing a story of success. Everyone here appreciates a success story as it gives hope to so many. I guess there is no rhyme or reason as to why one person will survive and the next will not, just as that thought applies to why one person will get cancer and the next will not. With no family history, my Johnnybegood is the selected one in our family. There is no reason.

I'm also very worried about Jennie. This is so not like her. She and JBG talked about meeting in Nashville in September.

Please take care and hug that baby. I'll bet he's growing like a weed.



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So very glad to hear your great news. Your partner is right, the good news is needed here to remind us all that it can be had.

As to Jennie, please read Craig's post of this evening.

Hugs to you and may there be many more years of good news for you.

Marie who loves kitties

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and you got it right about guilt being a waste (and I understand how it's so easy to go there ;). Wish I could join you all at CP-10. CP-9 was a good time, and now especially glad I got to meet Jennie and spend a bunch of time with her. Enjoy many more clear scans my friend. I'm also enjoying NED after this last bout with lung surgery.

Thanks for posting. Always a good idea to shout out good news.

So Worried
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Hello Beth,

I do not know you and I am new here, but I wanted to say GOOD FOR YOU!!! I am thrilled at your good news:) Hope your scans are clear from here on out, wishing you the VERY best!!!

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W2Go! You're putting the miles behind you now -so glad.

I sent you a text about Jennie - I opened a post here.

She was "going to work me in" around the Cowboy game next week:)

Next week about this time will be rough, because all of s would have had dinner next Friday and then you and her had the game...

If you come to town, call me - we can swap hugs - we should do that - as Jennie showed me that now is the time - tomorrow may not get here.

My next set of scans is at the end of November...Jenny's news has me feeling less optimistic...alot of my friends from 2009 are gone now...and like you, Beth...."Why am I still standing here?"


Times like these shake the roots of even the strongest trees - and even Sundance now needs some "reassurance."

But, I clearly understand that our reassurance only comes one day at a time.

Big hugs, Darlin'!!!

-Donna's Lion

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Happy to hear your good news It is always welcome here.

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Love good news. WAY too much bad news this week. I have 3 young colon cancer friends, all with tiny children, who are not expected to live more than a few days. Then, we lost dear Jennie.

Congrats to you and hug that grandson extra for us!

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Great news. God bless u. How did umget rid of lung mets. I I've in Australia

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Great news on your scan!
Please try to feel no guilt about posting good news.
I'm sure it helps MANY others in their fight? It shows we can beat this.
The "Why Me" question....
Someone has to win..."Why Not You"?

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It helps the rest of us.

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Im so very glad to be able to share my good news and to let everyone know there is always hope!

God bless you all


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I love your good news! Thank you for coming on the board and sharing it with us. I know this is a hard time for everyone here but it is so good to hear that your scans are clear.

Sending you hugs!


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Thank you Beth for sharing your great news! I had my scans last friday and I will meet my doctor on Tuesday, I´m not good at waiting like this, my mind is spinning, I can feel that something is not ok, I also felt like that the last time I had my scans, my doctor then told me that all was fine. I´ve been NED for more more than a year now and hopefully I will shair my good news next week :-)


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I know exactly what you mean i swear i almost convince myself something is wrong that it is back, but have continued to get the all clear. The fear is so bad i cant even find the words to explain it. Even though its been years the fear is as strong if not more each time, before a scan. I have decided not to wait so long after to get the results, i wouldd call your ONC office and ask or stop by the office, waiting is just horrible.

Praying you get great results and soon!


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Good news on your scan! Thank you for sharing ... it makes us newbies feel a little better reading NED posts!


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I am so happy to read your good scan results. I know Jennie wouldn't want you to feel any survivor's guilt. We all need to hear good news on here too.

Light to you.

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great news

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Great news Beth. What a great line when you said "survivors guilt". I know what you mean. I have mixed emotions about reporting good scan results. But i know that we all need as much good news as we can get even if it is not our own. Keep posting the good news.

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I love to read positive results, it helps us newbies!

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tina dasilva
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i'm so happy to hear your news dookie my husband is also NED for now his CEA is at1.1 and all clean in his colon .i was feeling so happy about my love of my life. but now hearing the news about Jennie i can't stop thinking about him passing away . hugs to you hon

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hear your great news.you know its people like you that give us hope and the strength to keep fighting.im still here fighting one day at a time...Godbless....johnnybegood

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That is wonderful news. Time to celebrate.


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