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Cancerversary! Yes or no?

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Three years ago today I got the phone call and I've been fighting ever since. I've been on chemo or radiation all but 5 months in the last 3 years. I've undergone surgeries,and been put under 13 times. My question is, is it a cancerversary if you're still fighting or only if you're in remission? Regardless, it has been three years today and I'm feeling pretty exhausted :( wondering how I got this far? Hugs to all my favorite warriors!!
Miles of Love,

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I do not remember the dates for anything having to do with the Beast EXCEPT the date of my last radiation. To me, that meant my part of the fight was done. All those other days, the day the nurse told me, after 2nd biopsy, that I didn't have cancer, and the next day when the surgeon called and told me she read the wrong report and seriously, did I want her fired? (no...everybody makes mistakes)..all those days, for me, were the bad old days.

Soon, you'll have your last treatment day. If you want, we can try to make it a national holiday...I know I can certainly take the day off and go shopping in your honor!

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we think alike...


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The end of February when I was told I needed a biopsy and the biopsy came back as having cancer. Do I know the exact date? No. I suppose it was a couple of weeks prior to joining this site as I had to wait for a couple of weeks to see the surgeon, He was on vacation. I got the information about this site from him and joined the very next day. I guess I could figure it out if I really wanted a date but I haven't bothered. I just know what the end of February is close enough for me.

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Double post

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For me two dates are important.... December 23rd and January 31st. I was diagnosed with BC on 23rd Dec. 2010 and had my mastectomy on Jan 31st 2011. I will never forget those days, and this year it will be my 2nd... cancer..versary :-) if that's the way you want to word it. :-) I guess everyone is different, some can remember and want to remember those days, some ladies don't remember or care to make a big deal about it. And if you want to celebrate or remember, then good for you, I don't think it matters if you're still in treatment or not. All I had was the mastectomy, nothing else.

Cheers, Annie

New Flower
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it has been tough ride, constant fight and long journey. Sorry that you feel exhausted and sad. No doubts you are on your way to remission and complete victory is coming soon. Being initially diagnosed with stage III you made it far enough to be proud of yourself. Congratulations Kari on your 3 Years of survivorship. You showed us how to deal treatment being warm and loving sister to everyone. We so blessed to have you here with us and pray and hope you will see improvement very soon
For me two shoking dates have came almost 4 years apart
Hugs and love back

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Bella Luna
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I don't know about dates. All I know is that I am happy you are here with us, spreading your warmth and sharing your story( life) with us. You are a beautiful ray of sunshine. Keep shining beautiful Kari, keep shining!

Miles of Love right back at You!

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is so appropriate. You have survived the depths of this disease, set backs, multiple
surgeries all while fight the beast. Your focus has been clear ... your children, and your health.

Your are a Survivor -- as well as a valiant WARRIOR. Continued success for you,
love, and Strength.

Miles of love back at you, dear Kari.

Vicki Sam

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I don't really remember all these dates. I use to celebrate the date I was told I was cancer free. But not now that I am fighting it again I don't . I celebrate good things in my life. Take care Darlin Kay,

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Thanks for helping me clear this whole "cancerversary" thing up. I've heard it so many times and was confused as to it's actual meaning. It can be whatever you like. I like the fact that some use it as the date they became cancer free, I like that:) I don't want to celebrate the date I received the worst news of my life. I'll continue to be the warrior still fighting three years later, I like that better anyhow. Thanks for all your input and still being here for me when I've been a bad kindred lately, but I'm working on it:)
Miles of Love,

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Christmas Girl
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First - am always SO GLAD to find a post from you here, Kari! You are amazing, truly inspiring and continually in my most hopeful thoughts and prayers.

After my first diagnosis - I keenly remembered several key dates. Now, with a second diagnosis mixed in, it's just too damned confusing.

I believe it's all very personal for each of us. No one way, no right way, no wrong way. Whatever's most comfortable.

At this point, as you do, I simply "mark" each new today - and look forward to tomorrow.

Kind regards, Susan

P.S.: We'll always be here for you. Always. No such thing as a 'bad kindred'... We're all free to come & go as we please, as we like, as we may need, no obligations, no strings attached. :-)

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Aug 2nd is the date that sticks in my mind. It is the date I found the swelling that led to my official dx. Actually, Aug is a pretty tough month for me...original dx in 2010 and then recurrence and dx of mets in 2011, brain mets in Aug this year.

But like you, the idea of celebrating survivorship helps to get me through those tough days.

I'm really glad to see you posting again. I have always admired your courage and your ability to focus on the happy things in life.



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Thank you so much Linda, you're amazing yourself and the admiration goes both ways. Your strength and courage get me through as well, that's what I love about this place, we all have something in common and we all have something to give. I've read and been on the receiving end of your posts, and they always lift me up, you are one tough warrior with a lot to give, and I thank you for lifting me up as well!!
Miles of Love Sweet Warrior,

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I think it is a great idea to name it cancerversary, after all it is cancer and we can celebrate anniversariers/birthdays. I was diagnosed on May 18th, and had my surgery on June21st so my cancerversary is June 21st. This is a great site where we can support each other. We have To be strong and fight this battle. Together we can conquer this disease.

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I love your picture...

The ONLY date that sticks in My mind is my Last DAY of radiation.

Each year I mention wow, 2 yrs, 3 yrs, 4 yrs...to my family they say OH...to me I do the Happy Dance...

some go by the start of all the BC but I LIKE to remember the end...


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You celebrate every day Kari as you have been put through so much and still are going through so much! And, keep posting updates for us!


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I've been reading your posts for a long time now. You are a very brave lady and very strong warrior.

The word "Cancerversary" was not in the language when I began the journey 18 years ago. I know the month was August and it was 1994. I do remember the book I was reading when I figured what was really bothering me. It was a great read but I couldn't focus. I finally said, you know what it is, make the appointment and see if your right. I did and unfortunately was right. Only since I reach such a high number of years have I actually been counting and only in recent times have I mention it in my real life.

Since there has been so many recurrences, the 1st, the 2nd and the long gap between until the 3rd. Now it's is it stable, is it progression and hopefully is some of it regressing. Dates, I only remember them because of all the forms I have had to fill out of the years.

Wishing you well and hope this treatment will work for you,



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Jean 0609
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Keep fighting!!!!!!


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Love you too Kari and please keep fighting girl!

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Tomorrow will be better.

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Alexis F
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I don't celebrate or even use that word. I don't even remember the exact day. I remember the month that I heard the news, but, not what day it was.

Kari, I just hope you know how loved and admired you are on this board and that we are all rooting for you and this chemo. Keep fighting, try to remain positive and keep updating us.

Lots of gentle hugs,


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Any time you can celebrate life why not? Your not celebrating the cancer but the fact you have survived these past 3 years by fighting a good fight. I say have a drink for me!


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Even though I had radiation and was on tamox for a while, I consider my "cancervarsary" the day I had my last surgery.

Just passed three years on 8/26.

Congrats on your three years and I hope you feel a little less exhausted every day that goes by.


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