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shoes neuropathy

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Any suggestions on a brand(s) of shoe that works with neuropathy and looks decent enough to wear to work. Last winter I was home so it really didn't matter, I finished the winter out in houseshoes the ones that looks like boots. Anything closed toe kills me.


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I have found that the aersole brand of shoes are comfortable for work and also the birkenwtocks.

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UnStructured by Clarks works for me. I have several pairs in that line, and find them the best.

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I wore Dr Scholls inserts and that seems to help a bit. Time was the best healer for me. It's been about a year since I've been off the chemo that caused neuropathy in feet. At times I could hardly walk and always with a limp. I'm about 95% back to normal now.
My best to you,

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Heading to Branson in a few weeks, will check out the outlet for some of these. I just don't think me and the boot house shoe route is going to work this winter :)

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I lived in Fit Flops (I don't live in US -- assume the brand is available there?). Yes, they are "flip flops" but the tops can be quite gorgeous -- I have black sparkes, bronze sparkles (hey, a girl has to have a little bling!) and also black and fuschia suede 'flower' (scrunchy design). They are very padded - gives quite a lot of height which made me comfortable wearing them to work with skirts etc. Quite expensive but I lived in them for several years and they were the *only* thing the soles of my feet could tolerate (I was on Xeloda at the time and had quite bad feet).

Good luck!

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we have a brand called yellow box that sounds very similiar..been living in those but fall and winter is coming. Once at work i live in my soft fuzzy house shoes...quite the talk of the office! :) Still, I ge the needle pricks on my home,,hurt like poo!

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She luvs slippers, socks and shoes by a compnay called Acorn.

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Summer...crocs and Bourne toe sandles but Eastland and Bourne padded leather clogs with smart wool socks for Winter.

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I've got some shoe shopping to do! Thank yall!

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I have always had a hard time with shoes and need lots of cush! I am sick of tennies and nothing cute to wear. My boss has worn a shoe all summer and is on her feet all day. the brand is Naot, made in Israel.... they are awesome! and cute!! I bought 2 pairs! They arent cheap, but worth it. I do have a narrow foot and so the sandel backs are the only ones that worked for me. I can wear them all day!

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My neuropathy did not start till around year eight but since then it has gotten progressively worse. It's up to the knees on both legs and all of my left hand now.I have trouble with any shoes and the only ones I can bear to wear are slazenger light weights. They are basically a neoprene sole ,light synthenic (soft) uppers and velcro tabs.I have tried lyrica,neurontin and endep for the pain and burning at night. None of them helped so I just stick to panadol osteo and pannamax. I just make sure the dose is continuos I.E. 6 tads a day every day at four hourly intervals. It is not perfect ,not even close, but there are no side effects. Best wishes Ron.

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This summer I been wearing Bobs by sketchers, they soft and no sores. In winter I wear Bare Traps, got them at Macy's. They are boots, about above ankle high. They keep my feet warm below freezing and they keep dry also waterproof. Hope that this will help you.

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