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We are new to this site but not new to cancer I have cll for 6 years nad my wife, who I am writing was dx in March at the age of sixty with stage 4 lung cancer. While I have some knowledge of my disease I am starting to get famaliar with her disease. Needless to say both with cancer is hard to take. We are seeing dr reily at sloan. Does anyone know of him Thanks. God Blessus all


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    I can't help you but I am sure there are plenty of wonderful people on this site that can good luck and welcome I have been here on and off since 09 I dont think I could have had such a good attitued and survied without the good people on this site helping me
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    Not a death sentence
    Stage 4 lung cancer is not a death sentence. With new targeted therapies and new methods of radiation lc patients are living longer. LC patients are living 5 and 10 years and longer. There is one man on who has lived 13+ YEARS.