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Iliostomy care

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One of our members wrote a great blog post about stoma care but now i can't find it! Im not having any issues, just want to be prepared. Does someone remember the blog I'm thinking about.

Thanks all -


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Re: "Blog"

You're not thinking of this one, are you?

I strongly recommend reading at the UOAA forum. Not everything
posted is correct, but you can gain a wealth of information there.

I may (or may not) be able to help with Ileostomy problems, so feel
free to ask. There's nothing to be ashamed of around here, we've all
been through the hospital cycles and have lost near all of our dignity.


Best of health!


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This is the one. Thanks. Ok if i add you to my friends list so i can find this more easily in the future?

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robin can i help. i have a colostomy

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I have had my temp iliostomy loop for 9 months. It is not bad at all! My best advice is try not to change your bag right after you eat. My opening shrunk in the first three weeks and has stayed the same size since then. So I use the pre -cut flanges. Ok, my really really best advice is don't let the blogs scare you! I have read some of the "how to change your bag" directions and even 9 months out they scare me. LOL. It takes me a few minutes to change mine. I had awesome stoma nurses who gave me great advice and had a great nurse tech in the hospital who gave me tricks. There are so many products out there. But my nurses set me up with a good product so I stuck with it. The only thing I changed was I don't use the stoma paste i use a barrier ring. Just easier and faster for me.

Knock on wood, I have never had sore skin around the stoma or under the barrier. I credit that to using a product called All Kare. It is a barrier wipe made by Convatec. It is a little one inch wipe that I apply right before putting on the flange. It protects the skin from waste and the adhesive from the flange.

Sorry I rambled but I can't stress enough how easy the bag is to change. It's as simple as remove the bag, clean the area, apply the All Care, put the bag back on.

Also, you will need to carry an extra flange and bag with you in case of an emergency. I have had three accidents in nine months and honestly they were my own fault. I was lazy and pushed an extra day out of the bag. You will know when it is time to change. It is so easy to change, I can clean mine and change it in a bathroom stall. I carry paper towels with my extra supplies and wet them before going in the stall. Pull the flange, wipe it clean, add the new bag.

You will do well with the ostomy!

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I dont know how to say this delicately... i woke up in the muddleof the night and had had an accident in my underwear. Looked like really watery poop. The pouch seal all looks good ( stoma nurse was just hear today ti train me and we did a full change). But tonight was poop in my pants. A quick google search shows that some rectal drainage is normal, but i totally wadn't expecting this. Does anyone have experience/advice? Seriously, if i have to deal with the bag, i reaaly shouldnt have to worry about accidents baack there too!!!



Brenda Bricco
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Within a couple of months my husband could actually control his bowels even with the illieostomy. It will get better Robin, it is no fun to wake up to that sort of mess but it will get better.
GOD's blessing to you.

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It will get better! I have an illeostomy loop and I never had the accidents but I do have bowel movements. At first it was just the mucous draining but eventually it turned into actual bowel movements. It is not a regular thing or much but it happens. When I have bowel movements I usually dump out a couple of "tootsie rolls". Soon all of this will be a normal habit and you won't even think about it.

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