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MTC thyroid specialist in Asia

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I am a MTC patient in India and need help in finding a MTC specialist doctor/clinic in Asia.

Let me briefly describe my treatment summary. I was diagnosed with medullary cancer of thyroid in 2009. I had surgery for total thyroidectomy, bilateral and mediastinal node dissections requiring sternotomy. After a few months, I saw some progression of the disease and visited MD Anderson hospital in the US. As advised by them, since then I have been taking cancer inhibitors - sunitinib for 2 months followed by year long trial of vandetanib. These medications showed some regression of and also helped stabilize the nodes. However, some recent tests have revealed some new nodes and progression. So I am looking for further consultation and discuss alternative medicine or surgery.

However, it is difficult for me to again visit the US for consultation or treatment due to money, time and travel limitations. Therefore I am looking for specialist thyroid medical oncologist in Asia, who has access to multidisciplinary care centers including full team of endocrinologists, surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists and radiologists, with enough experience on medullary thyroid patients and in touch with the latest developments to recommend further treatment options. I would really appreciate if you could provide your recommendation.


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