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AUS 1 Yr Anniversary

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Here I am- 1 year from having an AUS installed.

I have some slight leakage from time to time- mostly has to do with how I sit.

In July I was out backpacking in Colorado with no real problems. that was something I couldn't do before the AUS was installed. No way a backpacker can pack all the pads needed for a 4- 5 day trip.

Overall, life before PC is no more. But the AUS has made a big improvement in my quality of life since surgry/radiation/hormone shots.

AUS was installed on Aug 23, 2011. 1 yr out I am so thankful I had the surgery and the pads are behind me.

And life goes on!!!!

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Hi Trew,

Thanks for the update. I’m really happy for you and glad to read that things have improved so dramatically. I seem to recall that you were dx’d as a Gleason 9 and went “through the mill” so to speak with a full line up of RP, RT, ADT, AUS and so on, including all the accompanying side effects big time. Your post is sure to be encouraging and hopeful to all readers here and, especially, to several members who have recently posted about their, or a loved one’s, G9 PCa diagnosis.

I hope your interstate move went smoothly. Happy Trails and all the very best to you and your wife. Life is Good.

mrs pjd

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Its alway good to hear success stories. Watch out for those pesky ticks.

hopeful and opt...
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I am very happy to read this.

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Thats great news. Thanks for sharing. I am also a 9er. (2 days after diagnosis) and am contiplating a plan of attack. I still have a lot to learn. I will FIGHT.


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I have great news too, Trew. My PSA has been undetectable for four years.

Guess you know that I decided not to get the AUS. It's primarily because of my age--86 now. I don't backpack, ride motorcycles, or things like that. I am living an enriched life (for an old guy)in a continuing care retirement community. I cannot deny that incontinence is a royal nuisance, but I have learned a lot of tricks to deal with and live with it. Had I been younger, I would have take the AUS in a flash. I am very pleased that it is working out for you.

Here's expecting many more happy days ahead for both of us.


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I am pleased to know about your "good deeds". You have been a fighter and your experiences are models for many to follow.

Wishing you continuous improvements and good leaving.

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So glad to read that things have improved.

lewvino (larry)

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My second one is functioning ok, has a little leakage so I wear one of mini pads one a day. so far
only had a major flood once when I got out of my car, happened with the old one also a couple a times. If this one failed I'd get a third LOL. enjoy life my friend.

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Trew, I couldn't be happier to read your post here. Congrats. Serious congrats. I read your posts and we went back and forth when things were so desperate in your life about it's quality. I think you owe yourself the favor of going back and re-reading those posts so you can maximally enjoy where you are right now. You are positive which is #1. You are active again which is probably #1A. And your tone sounds soooo good. I am very happy for you. AUS is damn good compared to any alternative! Congrats.

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There is a powerful emotional side to PC, for sure and I let a lot of it out here. the chat room was a great help at times- mostly women in the chat room but some night there were a number of guys, too.

There is something inside of me that doesn't want to look back at those 3 years between the Dx and the AUS being installed. but that's not possible. somethings will never be the same. but I am here and that is a very big plus.

Reality is for some of us the sexual part of life is gone forever. PC can do that. But life is more than "that." Food still tastes good. :) And I summitted San Louis Peak at 14,014' in July and I sat on top and looked out over a vaste landscape of peaks in southern Colorado and thought life is good.

And my PSA is staying below .00 and that is good. I certainly don't think of myself as a fighter, mostly it was just laying on a table and having medical people do stuff to you. but I have survived.

And the AUS is working about 99% for me. Pushing the button to pee is really quite natural now. And that produces its own stories. the "button" is about the size of an average thumb- maybe a a thrid smaller. You have to depress the bulb at the end to pee. If you don't hold it just right it can squite out of from between your fingers like a marble and bang into the "guy" next to it. Ouch! sometimes- but no need to tell those stories.

If you don't have an AUS you will just never now how much fun they can be! :)

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