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Mr Scanman give me a wink please

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Hi mr. Scanman just a quik question about the different types of contrast,i am wondering how many types there are and if any are less binding to our organs making them easier for our lone kidney to flush out,thank you and i look forward to hearing from you.

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These days, everybody is using non ionic contrast. There are many manufacturers. I always used optiray. As far as I know they all have the same nephrotoxicity. Years ago, non ionic contrast was very expensive (for no reason) but ionic contrast made just about anybody sick for about 30 seconds. Non ionic simply makes you warm. If you not talking Cat Scan the same goes for MRI. Gadolinium comes under many names. Just companies competing with each other. Usually, if you sign a contract with them they'll give you a free $100,000.00 auto injector system. If your creatinine is more than 1.5 your doctor might want you to be IV hydrated for maybe 30 minutes or so before injecting. They all have their own ways. Whatever brand it is..... Squibb, Mallinkrodt, etc.......doesn't matter.

Good luck

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