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Round one highlights

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First round started off slow as we circled and sized each other up....I got a little over confident and led with my chin..... Was rocked.... Manged to hang on using the old"rope a dope"... Saved by the bell... This cancer dude is a little tougher than I thought..... 2 rounds to go.... Won't lead with my chin again

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Just remember that in the short run, your real fight is against the treatments, not your cancer. In most HNC cases today the treatments will take care of the cancer,but the trick is to understand what the treatments are doing to your body and be prepared to battle those.

Best of luck going the rest of the distance.


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one day at a time...


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glad you were saved by the bell. The treatments can be tough....different parts of them seem to be harder on some folks, and then they sail thru the next part. I did good during the Cisplatin chemo..and the rads....now I'm doing 3 Ciplatin/5FU treatments and it's an a**kicker....

Just keep in touch with us here....and we'll hand you towels and a water bottle for the next round.


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We all react differently to our treatments so listen to your body and know when to rest. You might hear of one person who did great thru one part and not so great on a part that you breeze thru. Make sure you come here often and we'll all help you with this beast! Take care and get some rest.

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its a long long fight, I have learned that on my own 4 month journey and I am just a week out of RAD and Chemos. So you keep swinging, but remember this is not a 15 round fight as others have said the treatments will punch us out from all sides at different times making this more like a 50 round fight or more. Now all that said you will notice folks keep posting so no knockouts allowed. So this whole process sucks but this site and these folks have helped me and Diane and will help you as well. So take a break and "LETS GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Like reading a good thriller!! :) LOL

Keep it up all ...keep it up...I describe my fight with cancer / treatments like I do my cooking "slow and low" ..that's how I cook everything ...."slow and on low" ...makes for a tastier outcome :)


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Round one took me by surprise as well. Be sure to stay hydrated. I ended up going for fluids a little more than a week. My ONC changed my dose to 50% weekly and that really helped. Hope you bounce back quickly. Love the attitude!

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hi i have been out of treatments for now going on 4 weeks all i can say is some things that helped me i had fluids at my house i was on for 5 days a week but you also need to drink water at least 64 ounces a day if you can't at lest keep sipping it will keep your swallowing going which after treatment will help you,Epsom salt baths after each chemo 5 cups of epssom salt in a tub of water soak for 15mins and be careful getting out this will get toxins out of your body,keep active as you can i didn't say run a marathon just little walks whenever you can.STAY POSTIVE keep your mind occupied with reading or funny tv shows stay away from negative people and the news,MAKE SURE TO DO YOUR MOUTH RINSES I WAS NOT GOOD ON DOING THE CAPASOL AS OFTEN AS I SHOULD HAVE BUT I DID DO THAT SALT AND BAKING SODA KEEP IN BATHROOM AND EVERTIME YOU USE BATHROOM SWISH AND SPIT YOU DO NOT WANT MOUTH ULCERS I HAD NONE BUT I KEPT UP WITH THE RINSES,if you have any questions please feel free to ask i'm going on 4 weeks i'm doing great eating on my own and have some taste back.

Kent Cass
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This analogy is on target. However, I like to have thought of mine as an 8-round fight, which was my time of actual chemo and rads, and post-tx is just the post-fight time and toll the fight took on me. Know a lot of others have a little less intense and longer, drawn-out treatment than I had, and for them, as I see it, their fights may very well go for 20 rounds, each round signifying an actual week of tx, with the weekend being the time between Rounds.

Yep, I like this way of describing treatment- does seem to fit. Reckon it's enough said for me to describe my early fight- that my corner Onco lady saw my mouth when I was on the canvas early in Round Two, squirted some liquid morph in my mouth, and kept squirting most every time I was on that canvas! Yep- those were the days...Hope your Round Two goes better for you than mine did for me. Just keep moving forward.


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