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I'm Home Ladies!!

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After a 5 day hospital stay with pneumonia, I actually feel human again. My appetite is returning back to normal. Coughing quite a bit, the coughs are productive at least. No fever now for over 48 hours. I'm certain my dr. will be making some adjustments to the Cistplatin dosages. :)


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Congrats on being out! I know what a great feeling that is especially the first night you get to sleep in you own bed. I really hope you get to feeling better that cisplatin is some brutal stuff.

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Hi Carla

I am so happy for you. Being in the hospital is never easy. I believe you get the most comfort and best care in your own home.

I have had pneumonia and was in the hospital both times. It really takes so much out of you.

Since you are still receiving chemo and have pneumonia, you energy stores are probaly non existent. Be sure to take extra good care and get lots of extra rest.

Huge happy hugs to you

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I am so happy you are home and feeling better. I always say it feels so good to feel good.


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2timothy1 7
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Glad you are home Carla! There's no place like home.

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Glad you are back home with no fever too! Please take care of yourself and get lots of rest.

Prayers and hugs,

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It's so good to hear that you're feeling better! ((((HUGS))) Maria

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Glad to be done
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Great news Carla. Hope you slept good last night... Keep feeling better

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2timothy1 7
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There's no place like home especially when returning from the hospital. Glad you are doing better!

garden gal
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Nothing better than when they tell you, you can go home. Take it easy and try to rest and count your blessing. Kathy

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So glad you are feeling better!



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2timothy1 7
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Welcome to your own bed! Nothing feels so good. Glad you are feeeling better!

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