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Info on Mucomist/Acetylcyst dosing

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When I saw my internist earlier this week, we were discussing the frequency and types of CT and/or Ultrasounds& Xray. Yes, I have pre and post hydration-very necessary to flush the contrast dye thru the remaining kidney. He then asked about mucomist and I said that has been prescribed for the day before and the morning of the test. His verdict is STOP!
Then he went on to explain that he is on the P&T (Protocol and Treatment) Committee at our hospital and the verdict is that it shouldn't be used for CT's of the abdomen and pelvis because it serves no purpose and just costs the patient money.

Needless to say, I had been given a script at the time my next CT was scheduled, and I won't be filling it. Not that I'll miss the awful taste of rotten sulfer added to cranberry/raspberry juice to be able to get it down.

So if your oncologist is still having you take it, ask questions. He may not have heard that some Dr's are recommending against it. My doc has a number of kidney cancer survivors, and others who have different degrees of kidney failure.

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Thanks for that important piece of information, which chimes with the practice at my centre.

I hope adman picks this up since it may well encourage him to go for full monitoring.

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Thank you.

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