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Pancretic Cancer

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My husband, 43 years old, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on june 10 this year. He has undergone whipple surgery on june 13, 2012. He had been very sick with pancreatitis attacks since october 2011, but previous diagnose was autoimmune disease. He was given high dose of prednisolone with stenting inside his bile duct from december 2011 to march 2012. He had a bypass surgery for his intrapancreatic bile duct in march 2112. However, he kept getting pancreatitis attacks until june 10 when the doctors informed us he has adenocarcinoma on the head of his pancreas. He also had ampulla cancer.
He is supposed to have xeloda chemo and radiotherapy 30x, but he had not yet taken them, because he still doesn't believe that those treatments would really help for pancreatic cancer. Despite the surgery, he still has some cancer in his pancreas, which cannot be removed since its location is attached/ very near to the portal vein. His cancer has not spread to other organs, and has not spread to lymph nodes.

I would like to contact anyone who has pncreatic cancer and has undergone whipple surgery and chemo plus radio therapy. Grateful if they can share their experience using these treatments.

My husband's condition right now is fine. He is very thin, but he can lead a relatively normal life.

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Went through Chemo and Rads before the Whipple and chemo after. This was in 2008 and last chemo was in 2009.

Not sure what you or him are wanting to find out but send me a CSN E-mail. (Located in upper left of page). I'll check back and reply. You can click my name to see a bio. (Sorry about the instructions. Just not sure how well you know the site).

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I am deeply sorry to hear of his diagnosis. My mother had the whipple along with chemo and radiation. Unfortunately, she lived 20 days shy of a year of diagnosis. She was never able to take full doses of chemo b/c of her blood count. I would be willing to discuss side effects and about the treatments themselves.

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