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Helen - how was your MRI

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Hey Helen - did you get your MRI on Wednesday? I was thinking about you and hoping everything is ok.

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Ended up getting it today, long, boring story. My results are in and ding ding ding. Helen 1 - cancer 0. My tumor is gone on the scan and my lymphs are shrinking. I forgot to ask about the ovary again to see if that spot is still there since we're still not sure what it was. I go on Monday for internal exam to find out what is causing all this pain. Doc is guessing my hip bone pain is from my speed walks and said slow it down and just because I feel well, doesn't mean I am well so just keep things at a slower pace at the moment. Translation in my mind, here kids, you do the housework. lol I would like to say I am relieved but I don't think I'll get there until next year when I am declared NED which is okay. At least the idea is in my head that we're moving in the right direction! Thanks for thinking about me=) How are things with you going after your surgery?

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Great news Helen! Keep up the good fight.

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That is great news. Hope they find the source of your pain and you get some relief. Walking can sometimes be stressful on the body as well. Take is slowwwwwww.


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Thanks guys, no more long walks for me. I'll keep them much shorter and at a slower pace. I feel well on non chemo weeks and I tend to push myself to get everything done that I didn't get done on chemo weeks. One thing I've learned this week, never do an MRI on a chemo week. Man I got whammied with all of these chemicals in my body at once yesterday. Doing an MRI right after oxali and while on xeloda, not smart. I can't flush enough and I'm trying. I can still taste the metal taste in full a day later.

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Thank for the heads -up about not doing an mri on chemi week. Sorry yoy are dealing with the double whammy...drink, drink, drink...get those chemicals out. Hopefully today will be better.


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Great News Helen! Congratulations!

( Totally agree with your housework interpretation!)


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