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PET Scan

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It's that time again, how these 3 months fly by, next PET/CT is scheduled for Sept 4th. After a clean PET in March, a clean PET in June, and my persistance all along with ENT, ONCO & RAD Dr's to find out the small spot on the left side of the tongue was scc, but too small for the pet to pick up,and not related to the tonsil cancer that brought me here last June, I can only go into this next PET hoping for the best. In the meantime , starting next friday until Sept 1 I'll be in Aruba with my kiddlings; daughter, son-in-law and my heart angel my granddaughter Bella. My daughter the sun screen queen has already bought 2 big floppy hats for me, as if I wasn't going to take my own, and told me she has picked up sunscreen SFP 100+.


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Good scans, great persistence, fun in Aruba fantastic plan. Enjoy and try to forget (a little) all this stuff. You will be all rested and ready when you return. Have as much fun as possible.

The H&N part of me says don’t forget the floppy hat and sun screen. Persistence, good word.



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Just in time for you to celebrate clean scans...

Have fun girl


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