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Cathleen Mary
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Joined: May 2011

Hi all,
Follow up from CT scan and elevated Liver enzymes: Had liver biopsy which led to diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis. Pelvic CT was abnormal followed by abnormal pelvic ultrasound. Tomorrow D&C to see if I have endometrial cancer. There is evidently a connection between Lynch syndrome and endometrial cancer. I don't have Lynch but have 6 family members with colon cancer, besides me. Some yet to be discovered genetic mutation seems to be at work.
Autoimmune hepatitis feels more of a threat right now. I am doing my best to take a deep breath and see what I am dealing with.

My issues are small compared with most on this forum. Know that you are all an inspiration and carried in my heart each day.

Cathleen Mary

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Hope the test comes out negative and you can get cured of autoimmune hepatitis.

God is the best doctor - sending you prayers :)

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We are sending our good vibes, prayers and thoughts your way! Remember to fight the good fight!

Best Always, mike

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Hoping that you can get some treatment to help you with that. Good luck on your procedure and hope it turns out well for you.


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I am so sorry about the hepatitis and endometrial cancer...i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Althogh i am the only one in ky family currently dealing with cancer, i did find out recently that itmight run in my family. I have found out that my cancer is rare...one of the things we will be doing is some genetic testing to see if this is something that has been passed along to my children. Have you been tested for HNPCC, FAP, or PJS? In my research i found a site that describes all 3 inherited cancer types... http://www.clevelandclinic.org/registries/inherited/

I am new to all of this...so i don't know if the link will be helpful...just putting it out there.

(((Hugs))) I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Cathleen Mary
Posts: 821
Joined: May 2011

I won't get biopsy from D&C for a week. Thanks for your support. Alex, I have seen a genetic counselor and they haven't yet come up with something hereditary though they agree it probably is. I will most certainly look at the link you sent.

Health for everyone!
Cathleen Mary

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