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melanoma in eye

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Aug 16,2102
I have a choroid melanoma in one eye, one final test next week to confirm.

then see what my options will be, any one familar with this as I understamd it is rare

but can quickly spred to liver or lungs, anyone can help or advise or sympathise

I cannot think straight right now. jese515

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....So sorry for your dx. My co workers brothers dr thought he had cancer of the eye and sent him to a specialist at sloan...it turned out to be something other than cancer! Sorry I don't have much else to offer, but just wanted you to no that I'm thinking of you and pray that this gets resolved quick and you get into remission.

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You may want to re--post this in the cancer-specific board so that you can receive replies from those familiar with the issues surrounding this particular disease. There is a forum for rare cancer, I believe, and you might try that one for best results.

In any event, best wishes for a completely recovery. Cancer is not always a death sentence.

Hope and Humor!

Take care,


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