swollen and pain in the parotid gland

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I had Bells Palsy 6 years ago, a year after I started having pain in my parotid gland below the ear. The pain comes and goes,now I am face with a problem, I am not sure about getting the RAI treatment. I understand from the doctor and the research I have to eat sour candy to keep the salivary glands active, I can't, sour candy along with other things cause the pain in my jaw. My doctor told me that my thyroid protein level was 1 and that the ultra sound didn't show anything. She said that she would give me a low dose of RAI as a precaution. My cancer was 3.9 mm on the right side and 1.6 mm on the right, the thyroid doctor is confident that the surgeon got everything. My ENT did a CT Scan which showed no blockage or stone in the gland. I am not sure what to do now. I don't want to cause myself more pain, when I have the pain now in my jaw it stops me and I just don't see causing more pain. Does anyone have any thoughts.


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    Sounds like there is no reason to do the RAI at this point. If you have no metastasis and they do Ultrasound's frequently, you may be in the clear. If RAI is going to cause other complications without proof that it will prevent something worse, why risk it? The benefits may not outweigh the risks.