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Went to see my ENT today for first visit since completing treatment. He said everything looks good, throat and tongue still swollen but improving. Said he didn't see anything abnormal or feel anything so he was happy. Of course so was I. See him again in 3 months. See the radiation oncologist Sept 11th and will have pet scan about a month after that. So far so good. Tried to stop and have breakfast on the way home but that didn't go so well. Guess I was pushing myself too hard.

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looking good. I love seeing my ENT, he is the most positive guy....sweet, kind, and just a never ending positive thinker.

We're pushing ourselves to eat cuz we getting damned hungry...when you said you stopped for breakfast I pictured eggs over easy, with a side of sausage, toast to dip into my egg yolk. Course I realize all but the eggs is a pipedream (maybe the eggs, too....LOL)...but doesn't that sound so good??


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Pull on your tongue, scope the throat and everything looks fine, now that is nice to hear. I guess that could make you hungry. It is not fair to tease us with breakfast and not tell what it was. Don’t feel too bad about eating, I am running into a wall left and right with food.

Best of luck from A to Z, you deserve it.


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Happy to hear! I saw my ONC today and she was pleased too. Stopped and got a shake and fries on my way to work and when I left at 5 realized I had been eating a small order of fries for 5 hours and still had more than half a bag left to go. The birds didn't mind.
Congrats on the good report.

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unless you try you will not know if that breakfast works or not, keep trying.

congrats on the news and results of your visit. Praise goes to the man above.

enjoy the news, rest well and go for another try tomorrow. baby steps, one step at a time


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Great to hear from you and happy too for the news.

As John said...won't know until you try :)


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So happy to hear it all went well at the ENT. I too saw mine for the first time since ending treatment and got the same news. Feels so good to hear the positive stuff sometimes huh? As for the eating, I too try to eat everyday. Something's work better than others for me so don't think that just because breakfast didn't work that something else won't . Keep trying and something will make say "more please"
Best of luck to you.

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I am so happy for you, it feels great to hear a doctor tell you that things look normal. I know how you feel I felt the same way after my last ENT visit and got similar good news.

I found a way to eat 'breakfast' that works, an omelet (such as it is) made of two scrambled eggs, a slice of american cheese and some diced spam

Cut up a couple of slices of spam (don't knock it, soft meat, with taste and higher calories) into 1/4 inch pieces and brown in a skillet. Let the skillet cool somewhat

Whip up the eggs and break up a single slice of Kraft American cheese into the mix. Pour the egg/cheese mixture over the spam and cook on a low heat so the cheese melts and mixes well with the eggs. Makes a tasty omelet and it is about 480 calories!

I am so looking forward to bacon, toast and hash browns though