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Praise and Thanksgiving form The Midwest

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It has been 6 months since my husband Tim had esophagectomy at the IU hospital. On his 3rd month, adjuvant chemo was not an option as he was still weak from the surgery. Chest X-rays always come back clear. Yesterday, he has hist chest and abdominal C T scan and it all came back CLEAR. All organs are clean. Praise God for whom all blessings flow, including all the doctors, family and friend who continue to support us during this difficult time. We were advised to continue what we're doing(right) and work on having Tim gain a little bit more waut and not to lose any more. He has lost 25 lbs and is now on his optimum weight. Thank you CSN for all your posts and advise. What a wonderful group.

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We all look forward to clear scans and good reports. Surgery is tough and takes time to recover. It does continue to get better. I am 2 1/2 years since surgery and eating almost anything, grateful for my life and blessings. I have gained back 20# after losing 70# after surgery and chemo. Keep positive and God Bless.....


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Congratulations on such good news, it's always great to hear the success stories... and yours is of particular interest to me. My husband is having surgery at the IU Cancer Center two weeks from tomorrow. I am a nervous wreck, the waiting is so hard. May I ask who your husband's surgeon is and what procedure he had?


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Sally, Pls send me an email to eware@indiana.edu and I will respond to any of your questions. If I can be of help to just even 1 family as they go through this sistuation I will gladly do it.

I'll be waiting for your email.


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Congratulations! BMGky

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Congratulations!!! Always exciting to hear a good report.

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Congratulations on your great results. It is wonderful to hear that Tim has gotten a clear scan!!! Now time to focus on getting back to enjoying life with the people he loves.

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