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Onc appointment update

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Hello Dear Ladies

I have positive and not so positive news.

Yesterday I had a visit with my onc to discuss the possible abscess. She does not believe the pocket of fluid is an abscess or infection. Hooray! She did say that I need to be mindful of any symptom changes, such as fever, chills, worse pain etc. and call right away, since it is possible that she could be wrong. I am just glad to not have that as such a big worry, I have enough of those right now.

We also talked about my need for blood transfusions. My counts are so low and continue to drop. She is not big on giving blood, there is always the risk of a bad reaction. I have had many transfusions in the past and no issues, but there is always a first time. She is leaving the choice up to me and my regular doc. She said I could be admitted to the hospital now if I really want to. My reg doc is away till Monday, so hubby and I decided to try and wait till he returns to the area and then see where I am. Of course if my symptoms get worse before Mon. I will choose to get the blood.
I don't really want transfusions either, my veins are so poor right now and I don't have a port and the thought of more problems is overwhelming. I hate being so dizzy and off balance, and the fatigue is extreme, but that just goes with not enough blood. I'm sure many of you have had similar issues with low blood counts.

I am still having a lot of pain, but my doc is working daily with me to find the right combinations or dose to bring me relief. The onc said that if I am in pain, I cannot really start to heal. So we need to control the pain first. I agree!

So, I will continue to take it day by day and try my best to drink more and eat more.

Thank you all for your on going support and warm caring words. It helps me so much.
I send you all hugs and pray that your days ahead will be easier.


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you are sure going through it. I am glad to hear the good news about the abcess. As for the rest what can I say? I wish there were better answers. When I talk about the treatments for this disease I call it a crap shoot. I told my onc she needed a crystal ball. After reading your post I can add that treating this disease is a balancing act. One medication helps to rid us of the cancer while causing many other problems that are difficult or impossible to control at times.

And all that doesn't include the emotional toll. The daily worries that we work so hard to minimize. I've said before I wish I had a day I could forget about the whole thing. We don't have that luxury.

I sometimes believe this disease strikes the strongest of women. I never thought of myself as particularly strong but those around me think I am. I think that about the women on this board.

Hang in there, I wish I had something more helpful to say. The blessing is we have each other. I can't imagine facing this without all of you.


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You are smart to try to take things day by day. I am praying with all my might that your doctors find the right combination of drugs to decrease or eliminate your pain. Just having the pain under control will make everything else seem much better. I'm so glad too about the good news about the abscess, and I'm very glad you have hubby by your side, especially as you monitor your health this weekend while your regular doc is away.

Sending you prayers and lots of big hugs!


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kimberly sue 63
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thanks for the update. It sounds as if your appointment helped you be able to relax some. Kim

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