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Say a little prayer please

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Hi everyone,
My cousin is in for surgery this am for lung mets. Her dx is not H/N but to me it's all cancer. Also her Mom, my Fathers sister just finished up rads on her lung tumors. And my brother goes in for a biopsy on a tumor in his chest. I hate, hate, hate, hate cancer and the effects it has on EVERYONES family's. O.k. done with the hissy fit, thank you for your prayers ! Kattie

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and will continue Kattie, no Hissy Fits just a fact of being just pushed so far and having cancer being the one pushing. Its tough, I posted something similiar today on another blog. So God Bless you and your family and we all know God can do what we cannot and he will.

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Make sure you have your catcher glove on....cause here comes a fast ball filled with prayers....

-------============((( ( ( ( ( ( (}{)

Thoughts & Prayers,

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Katie. I too hate cancer...and what it does to all our lives....


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Katie! I really pray for you and your family right now because I think of you many times, especially because you're such a strong fighter! Let the light finally come into your life and the life of your family!!

I'm sending you positive vibrations and a lot of healing energy!

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i too hate cancer i have lost most of my family to it and its horrible and I had to battle it god willing i will beat this and move on with life.

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Tonsil Dad
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Positive thought and lots of prayers are on
there way for your cousin. Hope all goes well.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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no doubt cancer sucks

no doubt prayers make a difference, they are on their way for all plus doctors and nurses.

hissy fits are ok here!


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Prayers for you and your family

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Prayers for you and your family

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Prayers for you and your family

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I hate cancer too! I have lost my dad and several good friends to this horrible disease. Sending prayers your way for all of your family. You're right, cancer is cancer, and we are all united in this.

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A HUGE thank you to you all ! I unite my prayers with all of yours ! I probably won't post for awhile. But I hold you all very dear to my heart. After my appt., at the masonic I'll be in touch. My family are all scrappers...and very tough fighters. Wishing you all the best, and much love sent to you all including your family's ! Katie

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Hi Katie,

I would say you have a full plate; you must have plenty to talk about at home. Here’s praying that each of you does well and that better times are a head.



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Sorry late responding to your post ...def saying prayers for you and your family members...

Don't be gone long ..we like to hear from you often! :)



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You have so much going on, my goodness! I am praying that you all get the best news and results possible.
Know that many people are praying for you and your family.

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jim and i
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Read your message late but the prayers are on the way.


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