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New to CSN - Had chemo and surgery - a couple of questions for the group.

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My husband Richard, was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer in February. We started our first round of Chemo in March. Had our break in June and then had surgery at the end of June. It has been a long and lonely road as there isn't any support group at the VA where he is being treated.

Richard spent 2 weeks in ICU after surgery he has clotting problems. The doctors say it is caused by the Cancer. After the surgery I was told that it wasn't as good as they were hoping for so they were going to add Radiation to the regiment. I am not good at swallowing subterfuge so I started reading and asking some pointed questions. He spent another week in the hospital on a floor.

Richard went back into the hospital with Pancreatitis and I began to ask more questions one of the surgeons finally told be that they had re-staged him to IV
He didn't have clean margins or nodes. It was such a blow like someone had run over me with a truck. I went home and cried for 2 days. I then ordered up all of his medical records for the last year. Then I did some research on line and found CellQuest. We ordered it Not too impressed with the taste. What does anyone add anything to it to "help" it?

I also talked to the primary surgeon and he said it wasn't stage IV but it was worse than they had thought when we first started which was IIB or at worse IIIA. The tests didn't show node involvement to the extent the surgery did.

I also found this group and started reading as much as I can about the disease. I found the National Cancer institute and realized that the first surgeon had him staged a bit higher than it is (3C) he has no mets to organs but 22 positive nodes. It is a journey.

My questions for the group are:
Did you cut down the sugar that you consumed?
What quantity of Strawberry's do you eat?
I want him to be the "one" who makes it!

Any help will be appreciated!

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