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Good Test Results

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I can't brag about a new grandson, but my most recent Dr. appt and test results were good.
My internist has now stretched his appointments to 6 months from every 4. But still do oncologist and his tests every 3 months.
Anyway...Liver function OK-with only 1/2 to function. The one kidney doing well; Creatinine was 1.5 and GFR 36.55. They both bounce around kind of like the stock and bond markets-if one goes up the other is down & vice/versa. But they are in normal range for 1 kidney. Blood glucose is just over 100 but A1c is within acceptable range. Cholesterol is Good-I got a happy face on the page. But the really biggy is Thyroid (TSH). The colloidol nodules are slowly enlarging and although not cancerous, they cause me to get hoarse, have a cough, and the sensation of being choked at times.
The Scan Man where I have my tests accidentally caught the thyroid last fall during testing, and it opened up a whole can of worms (make that nodes).
So I'm good to go for another 6 weeks until the next CT.

I finally got around to posting a pix. My husband and I are Jet Boating on the Rogue River in that shot. The early morning departure allowed us to see lots of wildlife-bear, deer, otter, bald eagles, many species of birds, & harbor seals, even up-river. The Chinook salmon are spawning and then die, which brings the bear to the river, along with carrion birds, too.
Our son and family (grand daughters 6 & 8) loved the wind, spray, and the sun.
Now, I have seen all of those birds and animals in the trees in our yard, walking across my deck, or next to our creek, but it's more fun to drive two hours and have fun with your family.

Tonight is a family dinner with in-laws and out-laws. and the girls will be putting on the entertainment. Lots better than TV.
Have a great day.

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Donna - glad to hear the good reports medically and personally. Sounds like plenty of happy faces to go around. Congratulations!

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Judy, Donna and Alice,

You guys have all the fun. I get to stay home with Piper (the dog) this weekend, while gramma Susie (icewoman) flies to Baltimore to be with granddaughters ages 10, 14 and 16. The 16 year old has a permit so she may drive home from BWI.Sort of like going on a roller coaster 6 months after you join the club.


Donna. PS Congrats on the test results. I have not herad of GFR expressed as 36.55.
55 is very good 36 not so good,

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Good going Donna. Nice to see another happy picture. I reckon you do so well because you have the same 'Ain't gonna stop me' attitude of our other stalwarts, like LizB and Fox, to name but two. Keep on truckin' but don't get too close to them bears.

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Congrats Donna!!! Always like good news on here

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It is great to hear how well you are doing, yours is one story I have followed closely since my initiation to the club, you are a true warrior in my book.

Now about the in-laws and out-laws;

Do you know the difference between in-laws and out-laws?
Outlaws are wanted.

Rock on,


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I hope you're saving some Gary - it's nearly Friday again when we look to you for our shots for the weekend!

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This set of outlaws is great to have in the family. One of those "it's a small world" things.
My husband played football at Oregon State U. His final year, there was a transfer student from Washington State and they got put against each other on the line during practice drills. Of course, they both tried to pound the .... out of each other.
Turns out, he is our daughter-in-law's uncle, and we have a lot of fun with them. It doens't hurt that they moved to Mazatlan, as we go down there every couple of years.

Gary, it's your turn. Tomorrow's the big day. Friday, that is.

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That's the way to spit in cancers face. Keep up your inspiration for us.We love hearing your positive approach. Remember, we are still in this all together. Fox

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