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Update on my mom

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She went in today and had the spot of skin cancer on her nose removed. The doctor got it all on the first try and she goes back next week to get the stitches out. Last night she finally broke down and told me that she was "scared as hell" so we talked about it for awhile. Finally, she was at ease enough to go back to bed and get a good nights sleep.

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Glad that all seems to have gone well for your Mom.

Also very glad that she finally opened up to you to talk about her feelings on the subject.

I am sure that it helped you both.

Praying that she has no more difficulties.

You are a good son.

Marie who loves kitties

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Glad your mom was able to open up and talk. And glad the doc was able to get it all.
Agree with Marie......you're a good son.

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So glad all went well for your mom. We mothers have a tendency to downplay our problems, especially when our children's problems are, in effect, much worse than our own. And, of course, being the mom, you kids can't tell us what to do. LOL But also glad she shared her feelings with you.

Hope she continues to improve and hope all is going well with you.



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Its good to hear all went well with your mom. Pray she stays well. Jeff

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Thank you all. Her mood was quite a bit better this evening that it has been for awhile. At dinner this evening, we were discussing the dietary needs her surgeon advised her to follow. They conflict a bit with mine, but I can adapt. He wants her to start eating more carbs and I'm trying to avoid them so when I'm cooking I'll make sure that she gets more of them.

As for being a good son, I really wish I'd been one as a kid instead of an evil little demon.

Brenda Bricco
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That is wonderful Doc! I was diagnosed with melanoma in 2000 and it scared the hell out of me. I am glad it's off her and she is on the road to better days. :)
GOD's belssing to you.

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Pleased to hear both the good clinical news and the good news about your relationship with you mum and her being able to be more open about how she feels. As we have all learnt these challenges do make us reflect on regrets of our past and how we have been but we all quickly realise the important stuff is what we do now and in the future. Continue to be the best son you can now and I'm sure she will be proud of the man she helped make.


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Thanks Steve. Glad to see ya back on the board and hope you had a great time in Spain. About the only time I get remotely near a beach is when my brain goes off to Maui every other week and leaves me here in Utah.

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