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THIS JUST IN!!! Met with chemo doc today. Had an in depth discussion and did the math regarding how many mg of chemo I've received. End result... I'm done with the chemo!!! He said I've already received more than the dosage which has proven to be effective and since my radiation is complete, there's really no compelling evidence that shows I should get the last 2 infusions.

Standard protocol is Cisplatin 100mg x 3 sessions. A large percentage of patients can't tolerate it and never get the 2nd or 3rd infusion. The patients who complete at least 2 infusions have basically the same results as the patients who complete all 3. I've received 235 mg of Cisplatin which is used to increase the effectiveness of radiation. Since I'm no longer receiving radiation anyway, I feel ok with my decision. My first PET will be the week after Labor Day.

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I missed my last infusion because ONC said they had given me all they felt they safely could and my 1st CAT/contrast was NED. Know yours will be too!

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on being finished.


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Time to relax, and heal....


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I would LOVE to come out of my appointment with the Oncologist on the 28th, and have him say you've had more chemo than most folks so we aren't going to give you this last chemo...

So now you're on the road to truly healing, not the path where you heal a little then get knocked flat again. I am so happy for you!!


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D Lewis
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Good news. Now let the recovery begin!


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I was nervous to post at first because I was afraid everyone would say OH NO YOU SHOULD TAKE THE LAST TREATMENTS!!!

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now, let the healing begin

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have always been the protocol, you are doing what your doctor advised, that is different than not listening to your Doc, although at times I wanted to walk that walk. So put your feet up and look out the Bus window with us. Im just glad it stopped dropping me off at the same location day after day, and my Mask made a great Hood Orniment.

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Hi Cindy,

Way to go, you are finished! I guess when it comes to chemo you are just a 235 mg. kind of gal. Relax, heal and enjoy your friends and family, you deserve it.



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did you see the checker flag today? congrats, now take that positive feeling into the slow recovery period.

relaxing times ahead

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I am so happy for you ! You made an informed decission...don't ever feel bad about that ! And if your doc. agreed, more the better ! Now try to sit back and just heal ! Keep posting girl, you are always so upbeat and positive ! Katie

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i almost had the same experience but i had the 3 anyway its also done by your weight ie weight goes down they adjust your chemo.Your scan will be clean

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I didn't think about the weight thing. I'm 22 pounds lighter. I can't say I'm unhappy about it lol.

Kent Cass
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Knew you'd get to where you are, and way beyond. Forward, girl, and start making plans for your 2025 summer vacation. Yes!


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You did it! Doesn't it feel amazing? Now it's time to just sit back, relax and let your body heal from all that its been thru.
Feel good :-)

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I could only tolerate two, that stuff is Naaaaasty. And I'm just over a year out and NED! Congrats and good luck!



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Way to go....relax and enjoy..


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