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anyone try zaltrap chemo

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I'm currently in week 2 of my 8 week 24/7 5 f/u treatment. Monday my Dr was excited telling me there is a new chemo for colon mets patients called Zaltrap. Has anyone tried this chemo yet? He said I could try this instead of this 8 wi treatment. Pray everyone is doing well. Jeff

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Thanks for the link :) When it first came out, I thought it was something that could replace or be used when Avastin failed but it sounds like it's a bit of an unsure thing whether or not it works after Avastin failed? Am I understanding this right? Does anyone know if it works better than Avastin?

Thanks :)

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I am starting this drug soon. I'm going back on chemo of Irinotecan + Zaltrap. Technically it is approved as second line treatment given with FOLFIRI to those who failed on FOLFOX.

I was on Irinotecan + Avastin which works well for me. But we really don't know how much the Avastin does or doesn't do. So we decided to try Zaltrap which targets more than just one receptor like Avastin. (I don't take 5-FU because it seems to have no value for me and causes a lot of extra bad side effects.)

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There is a good review of all the evidence so far as well as a good explanation about how these drugs work at:

Along with regorafenib it seems to be the main new treatment that is moving out of trials into regular use. There are no head to head comparisons of zaltrap with avastin but in on the Phase 2 trials they did separate the groups into those who had already had avastin and those who hadn't and the outcomes were the same ie failing on avastin doesn't determine that zaltrap won't work for you.

The benefits in the trials always look small (some months improvement in survival) but remember most of thse are in very late stage patients and now it is beginning to be used in earlier stages one hopes to see greater effects and benefits.

I assume people are now getting it outside of trials? Would be ineterested to hear how it goes- side effects of raised BP and kidney impariment seem common in zaltrap so something to watch out for.

This stuff is hugely important for us here as is the new hope for treatment options for those of us who have been through all the normal protocols - I think it is what we should be spending our energies keeping up to date on and advising our teams about (rather than arguing about GCMAF, anyway!)


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I think I should start on Zaltrap in a couple of weeks. I will be curious how I react to it. I'm no longer able to take oxy or erbitux and avastin has caused kidney problems. So I'm praying this new chemo isn't to rough on me and will help fight this spreading cancer. Jeff

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